Heartbreaker, Reissued Double Vinyl LP

If you or a friend is a fan of country music in general, and Ryan Adams in particular, then this reissued 12” Vinyl LP is for you. Ryan Adams sometimes plays solo and sometimes as the frontman for the indie-country band Whiskeytown. He is from Jacksonville, North Carolina and as you probably are aware of all the best in American music was born south of the Mason-Dixon line; soul, country, blues, and rock.

In the south, you just cannot escape good music and this is the place that Adams calls home. Because of this, can you but wonder at the ability of a 27-year-old musician to be able to write the words and music to the songs and then play them on this album. His voice sounds so bleak with despair and he has the swagger and hurt of a genuine Country and Western all-time- great. This is the music of loneliness and heartbreak is just too personal and focused to be produced by anyone except one man looking within his soul.

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Detailed information about Heartbreaker, Reissued Double Vinyl LP

He uses all the mechanisms that good country singers use to produce memorable and unique music. There is clever storytelling and raw emotion with none of the clichés that melodramatic and commercial country ballads use to churn out their plastic emotion. This is music that is rooted in old-school country and western, bluegrass jams and folk-rock songs and produces something that is nothing like the plastic of modern and commercial bubble-gum country music.

After all these compliments you will find that there is nothing particularly complex or difficult about the music in Heartbreaker. If you are a musician and songwriter you would probably listen to these gems, and wonder why you never thought of them first. The music performed on this album is not music to think about and analyze, it is music to listen to, feel the emotion pouring out of, and enjoy.


This is a really great country music album, written and performed by the great Ryan Adams

It is available in four different formats to suit the listener’s preferences

This is raw and emotional country music at its best