Gift Ideas for Police Officers

Whether or not you know a police officer personally in your daily life, nevertheless they’re the ones who work to serve and protect you from the everyday inconveniences. From dealing with serious issues such as robberies and thefts to ordinary issues with overstayed parking meters and speeding on the street, they deal with so much that offering a gift as a gesture of thanks for everything they do is the way to go. That said, our gift ideas for police officers will help you out in choosing the best present ideas to buy, make, and give to our local heroes!

10 Things to Consider When Buying a Police Officer Gifts

1. They are community people

Police officers cannot do their job without being community-minded. They put others before themselves, literally every day.

2. They split their time

Police officers usually split their time between the field and the office. Some may even be full time in the office or in the field. Finding an appropriate gift could depend on this.

3. They appreciate being appreciated

Being a police officer can be a pretty thankless job. Giving even the smallest appreciation can mean the world to someone.

4. They have lives outside of work

Do they love reading? Or sports? Maybe they are really big into grilling… the possibilities are endless. Remember they are people outside of their job and have their own likes and dislikes.

5. The smallest gifts can be the most meaningful

Sometimes small gifts can have the most impact on an individual. You do not have to spend an insane amount of money on a gift to make it count.

6. They don’t want another doughnut joke

A lot of police officer jokes revolve around coffee and doughnuts. We have all seen it in just about every sitcom out there and even in commercials and gag gifts. If you are looking for something fun for your police officer family member or friend, maybe stay away from doughnuts.

7. They have the right to be selfish sometimes

Countering number one on this list, police officers have the right to be selfish in their personal lives. While they tend to be community-based people, they can always appreciate a gift unique to them.

8. They love what they do

You cannot be a police officer and not be passionate about the change you are making on your community and the people around you. Police officers love what they do and so it is awesome to incorporate that into their gifts.

9. They love animals

Ok, maybe this is not all-encompassing, but I am not sure I have ever met a police officer who doesn’t like animals. Maybe they have pets of their own or even use a dog in the police force.

10. They are family people

Police officers are family people. Whether they are married with kids or just very involved in their family life, they are 100% dedicated to everything they do.

Police officers are amazing people, they put their lives on the line every day. Finding the perfect gift for the police officer in your life can be challenging, so enjoy the list below!

Appropriate Police Officer Gifts

You are sure to be proud of the police officer in your life. They spend their days protecting and serving the people around them, and it is a privilege to honor them with a gift. No matter what the occasion—be it a birthday, holiday, or acknowledgment of thanks—there are plenty of items that those in our law enforcement are sure to appreciate. No matter what the overall taste and style of this police officer, our gifts for police officers is sure to guide you in the right direction.

One of the main things to consider when buying a gift for a police officer is the way that their normal routine operates. Just as not every banker or mechanic or artist will like the same things or have the same style, so too every police officer is unique and has a different sense of style. What they tend to have in common, though, is the way that their day goes. Most have early start times or odd hours, and they are often on the move and driving around town. Keep these practicalities in mind, and see if you can support them.

No matter what sort of item you choose to give the police officer in your life, it is a token of appreciation that is sure to be well received. While it can feel like quite the challenge to find the perfect item, our guide of items that fit well into a typical law enforcement routine is sure to be sending you in the right direction. Look through our suggestions and you are already sure to be off in the right direction.

What is a Good Gift for a New Police Officer?

Deciding to become a police officer is a very noble decision. It takes a lot of hard work to get there, and once you are a police officer, the hard work continues. They work to keep our communities safe, and what could be more important than that?

If you know someone who has just graduated from the police academy, it is a great time to surprise them with a thoughtful gift! They have finally made it and are embarking on their new career as a police officer. It is certainly time to celebrate what they have achieved.

If you want to get a new police officer a gift, but aren’t sure what some good ideas are, keep reading to find some great ideas! Whether it is your spouse, child, or close friend, getting them a thoughtful gift will mean a lot as they start this next exciting chapter in their life.

1. Something for their car

For a new police officer, they also have to get used to their new ‘office:’ their police car! They will spend a lot of time in their car, and it is important they keep things organized and clean. Just as you’d want to keep your desk tidy, a cop wants to keep their car tidy.

They have a lot of stuff they have to take with them on the job, so having a good system for keeping things organized is a must! Thankfully, there are plenty of car organization gadgets out there perfect for any new police officer that wants to start organizing, and stay organized!

While a new police officer will be given everything he or she needs to be successful on the job, extra gadgets and tools like these aren’t technically necessary, making them a great gift. Instead of waiting for things to become a disorganized mess, why not start them off on the right foot by getting them something that makes it easy to keep their badge, handcuffs, tickets, and more nice and organized and in one place?

2. Something caffeine-related

It may sound like a stereotype, but it really isn’t. Police officers really do love coffee! Can you blame them? They work long shifts and the job can get physically demanding at times. The need for some caffeine makes complete sense! Help prepare this new officer for the job with some great gifts that will help keep them feeling wide awake, even after a long shift, or when being called in early one morning.

Consider getting a single cup coffee brewer for access to a quick cup of coffee when they need it, some highly caffeinated coffee, or an insulated travel mug, just to name a few ideas! You can even personalize the mug if you want to make the gift even more special. No matter what you decide, you can be sure that this gift will definitely be appreciated and put to good use right away!

3. Something for their phone

Everyone can benefit from having a solid phone case, but that is even truer when it comes to police officers. Between being on the go, in and out of their car, and dealing with bad weather, they are highly likely to damage their phone if they aren’t careful! Protect their phones from drops, water, and just about anything else with a solid case.

You can also consider some other cell phone accessories as well to help keep them connected while on the go. Consider a car charger or a phone mount, for example, to give them an easy place to put their phone while out on the job in their police car. Long shift out on patrol? The car charger can really come in handy! These small gifts can actually make a big difference and can make it so much easier to get in a solid routine as a new police officer.

4. Something for their eyes

Another item that is pretty much a must for police officers? Sunglasses! They spend a lot of time in their cars driving around, and that can take a serious toll on the eyes if you aren’t careful. A solid pair of sunglasses will help prevent their eyes from UV damage and ensure they can drive all day long without their eyes hurting or feeling overly strained. This is especially important if you know a new police officer that wears contacts. Help keep their eyes safe and in top condition with a nice pair of new sunglasses!

We also recommend finding a pair that are durable so that they hold up for a long time. Flexible frames, for example, are a great feature so that they don’t accidentally snap if they fall off, get sat on, or fall between the seats. As with any sunglasses, make sure they have UV protection and consider other features like anti-fog or scratch-proof lenses!

5. Something fun

Finally, there are plenty of practical gift ideas to get for a new police officer, but consider also getting them something fun! After all, they have worked hard to get to this point, and they probably want to celebrate their accomplishments!

Consider a gift they can use while off-duty such as a nice set of beer mugs or liquor glasses if they like to drink, a set of golf clubs if they like to play, or even a nice video game if that’s how they like to unwind after a long day. Any police officer will appreciate a gift that helps them to relax, and we all know that they certainly need to after a long shift at work!

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