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Behind ThatSweetGift there is a team of people who has grown to become just like a family. We love what we do and what we do is curate awesome gift idea lists our readers can browse when looking for truly special gifts for their loved ones.

We believe a gift is a lot more than just an item you give a person on a particular occasion; a gift is a symbol of love, respect, appreciation, a thank you to someone special in your life. That is why our team spends hours and hours browsing for gifts that are not only worth your money, but are also worth holding a deeper meaning for both you and the gift recipient.

We are a small team of editors and writers who take pride in what we do and get very excited at the idea that our job is to help people put a smile on someone’s face by gifting them the perfect gift they could ever get!


Editor Anna
With an endless love for online shopping, finding awesome deals and choosing amazing gifts for any occasion, Anna spends her days curating gift idea lists to share with ThatSweetGift's readers!
Assistant Editor Marianne
Marianne is our gift hunter! She scours the internet just to find the cutest items we know our readers will love.
Assistant Editor Marko
Marko is the latest addition to our team and he is the best when it comes to making sure our gift ideas are truly one of a kind and you get the best deal when deciding to buy the gift you like!


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