Images You Should Not Masturbate To – Kindle Edition

Reading books have been known to stimulate all possible senses one could have, as it explores the depth of the imagination and power of the mind, but apparently, that is not all that is stimulated when you read certain kinds of books. Take the 50 Shades series for example.

With its graphic descriptions of scenes in its pages, it leaves very little to the imagination and thus, makes you feel some type of way. But if this is the case with those types of books, we found one that is the exact opposite of it.

We give you the “Images You Should Not Masturbate To”, a book by Graham Johnson, a creative director at M&C Saatchi Sydney and Rob Hibbert, an internationally-awarded advertising copywriter from Melbourne, Australia.

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Detailed information about Images You Should Not Masturbate To – Kindle Edition

We are talking about images like a dog wearing a wig for one, or a man wearing a rabbit mask, which will absolutely stop you in your tracks when you think about doing the deed. We mean, the cover features a naked man submerged from the knees down in icy water attempting to hack at something with his ax… if that does not tell you what you are getting in this book, we don’t know what will.

What we really find funny about this book is the title itself. Place it on your coffee table or bookshelf and make your nosey visitors a bit uneasy or surprised when they spot this book in your home.


Quirky and unique

A funny white elephant gift

Available both in Kindle and paperback

Cool addition to your coffee table or bookshelf


Definitely a conversation starter