Gift Ideas For Girlfriends

So you have a girlfriend! Yay! We are sure she is beautiful, wonderful, and a ton of fun. Now you have to find the perfect gifts for girlfriend. No pressure. We carefully selected only the most awesome gift ideas for girlfriends  for the perfect girl in your life. You want to make her smile and get her something she will enjoy, and we are here to help you. Depending on the type of person your girlfriend is, this task could range from simple to near impossible. Whether your girlfriend is an athlete, fashionista, Instagram addict, book nerd, gamer, or minimalist, we have you covered. The occasion you are buying for can also have a major effect on your gift-giving. It might be a holiday, birthday, anniversary, or anything in between. The perfect gift ideas for girlfriends are out there, just waiting for you to find it. Whether your girlfriend is super chill or very picky, we will guide you to the perfect gift.

10 Things To Consider When Buying Gifts for Girlfriends

1. It isn’t about the cost of the item

You might think that buying the most expensive gift is what is going to make her the happiest or impress her the most, but that isn’t true!

Your girlfriend will be much more appreciative if you take the time to think of something special that you know she will love.

It’s easy to go to the nearest store and buy what looks nice, but that is incredibly impersonal and won’t make her as happy as something unique or unusual.

2. She appreciates sentimental items

Keep in mind that you are shopping for a gift that your girlfriend wants, not something that you would want. You might not be as interested in sentimental items, but she will love it!

Especially if you aren’t as good at expressing your emotions, a sentimental gift can “do the talking for you” and show her how much you care and how much you love her.

3. Don’t get her the same gift twice

This is such a big mistake! Do not ever get her a gift that you have gotten her before unless she specifically asks you to.

You might not think this is a big deal, but in her eyes, it will look like you don’t care or don’t remember what you’ve gotten for her before.

Gifts mean a lot to her, and it isn’t the dollar value, but the thought behind them.

Getting the same itemlooks like there was no thought put into what you got now or what you got previously.

4. Listen to any clues she gives you

Instead of struggling to think of the perfect idea, listen instead to what your girlfriend says.

She might not come out and directly say what she wants, but she’ll likely drop some clues if her birthday or your anniversary is coming up.

These clues can help guide you in the right direction, and from there you can select the perfect unique gift that she will be sure to love.

5. A “practical” gift is usually not the best

Unless your girlfriend has specifically asked you for something like a vacuum cleaner, it probably isn’t the best gift.

Sure, there are really nice products out there that she might love, but giving it as a gift gives the appearance that you want her to, for example, clean the house.

Your heart might be in the right place, but it might not come across that way!

6. Keep it fun

Gifts don’t have to be super serious, have fun with it! It’s easy to get stressed out thinking up the perfect gift, but you’ll do much better if you relax.

She will love a fun and flirty gift, and she’ll appreciate you taking the time to get her something that will make her smile.

7. Mark your calendar

There is nothing worse than realizing it is your 1st or any other  anniversary and you forgot to get your girlfriend something.

This is something that is so easily avoidable, just mark down important dates on your calendar! Set an alert if you need to.

The last thing you want is for her to get you something (which you know she will) and you have nothing to give her in return.

8. Be creative

By now you should understand that with your girlfriend, it is always the thought that counts.

A well thought out gift will always be more appreciated than an expensive or a common gift that she could easily get herself.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and choose a quirky gift. You taking the time to do so will almost mean more to her than the gift itself!

9. Ask her friends or family

You aren’t the only person that knows your girlfriend well, so don’t be afraid to reach out to her friends and family to ask them for advice on what to get her.

She may have told them about something she has wanted, or they might have thought of an idea on their own.

Sometimes all it takes is a quick brainstorming session with her best friend to come up with the perfect gift idea.

10. Don’t wait until the last minute

You will not have a wide range of options if you wait until the day before, or even the week before, a big event  (Valentine's Day perhaps?!) or holiday. Plan her gift in advance!

When you wait until the last minute you’ll end up with an impersonal gift, and it will be obvious to her, even if you think you covered it up well.

Set an alert a few weeks in advance to give yourself plenty of time to think of an idea, find the item, and order it.

Don’t risk it not being delivered in time!

Even if you get the perfect gift, it loses a lot of value if it isn’t delivered in time, and she will end up feeling unimportant on a day that is supposed to feel special.

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Gifts Ideas for Girlfriends That Won't Be Thrown Away

She’s the apple of your eye, the goddess of both love and war. Your true assessment is how you surprise her with the perfect present.

The gift ideas for girlfriends are endless. From clothes to jewelry, perfumes, and lingerie to funny slippers or cute pajamas.

You could be looking for a goofy gift that is sure to bring a smile to her face, or maybe a more serious and romantic gift to show how much you love her. We have gifts for that.

Just remember that sometimes the best gifts are simple and thoughtful. So you are probably overthinking the entire thing.

This is where we come in with all the help you need to choose the best gift for girlfriends.

It is possible you don’t even know where to start in finding a gift for your girl. No worries, just start scrolling. Something in our girlfriend gift guides will spark some inspiration or maybe even be the perfect gift on the first try.

10 Practical & Pretty Gift Ideas for Girlfriends

Don’t get the gift that is just going to sit on her shelf or shoved in the back of her closet. Instead, look at this list of practical items and see what jumps out at you.

1. Polaroid camera

Sure, smartphones all have a camera built right in, but there is something special about an old-school Polaroid camera. These are perfect for special occasions out with friends and family, and your girlfriend will love being able to capture these moments. Best of all, she’ll have the pictures to actually display (instead of them just sitting on her camera roll on her phone).

2. Sunglasses

Every girl needs a nice pair of sunglasses. In fact, every girl needs a nice collection of sunglasses! Sometimes you want a more dramatic, large pair, sometimes you want a more relaxed pair of aviators.

Sunglasses are the perfect gift to get your girlfriend, and best of all, you’re protecting her eyes from damage from the sun!

3. eReader

Imagine having the entire book world right at your fingertips. That is what an eReader is for!

Perfect for the girlfriend who loves to read, this will give her easy access to millions of books, all without having to purchase storage space to hold tons and tons of traditional books.

Best of all, eReaders are lightweight and convenient, she can easily slip it in her purse and read while shes on the go!

4. Blanket

There is nothing better than relaxing in bed or on the couch after a long day with a nice, soft blanket.

This is the perfect gift for any girlfriend, and best of all make a nice accessory while it isn’t in use. Movie nights are about to get a lot cozier!

5. Artwork

The artwork is the perfect gift for your girlfriend, especially if she has just moved into a new place. Fill up an empty wall with a nice canvas print, or get smaller pieces of art she can display on her nightstand or other places.

Not sure what her style is? Here’s a pro-tip: get framed pictures of you two together!

This makes the gift much more personal and thoughtful and is something she will be sure to love.

6. Earrings

No matter what outfit your girlfriend is wearing, earrings are always an option.

Certain silhouettes may make it difficult to wear a necklace or bracelet, but earrings are always the perfect accessory.

Even a simple pair of studs are an excellent addition to any outfit, and you can never have too many. Only requirement? Make sure she has her ears pierced!

7. Pajamas

You might think pajamas sound like a lame gift, but that is not the case. Girls love having a nice, cute set of pajamas to change into at the end of the day. S

hopping for a gift for her in summer? Get her a nice oversized sleep shirt or shorts and shirt set. Shopping in winter?

A cozy set with leggings and a fleece sweater. This is the perfect gift- just trust us!

8. Personalized necklace

Personalized gifts are all the rage, so why not get your girlfriend a necklace with her name on it? This makes it more special than just any necklace and makes for the perfect gift.

9. Watch

Everyone needs to have a watch, so this is a perfect gift idea for your girlfriend. Get her a stylish watch that is not only practical but makes for the perfect accessory.

Looking to splurge a little? Consider getting her a smartwatch that syncs with her phone and tracks her activity.

10. Overnight bag

Finally, an excellent gift idea for your girlfriend is an overnight bag. These bags are so convenient and perfect for all those short little weekend trips.

If your girlfriend loves to travel and is always on the go, this is the perfect gift. This is great even if she isn’t traveling, but is going back and forth from work to the gym - this will keep her organized and has plenty of room to hold everything she’ll need!