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Every bride-to-be deserves a hell of a gift to celebrate her upcoming wedding. We made sure to select amazing bridal gifts that fit any bride out there. Moreover, our bride to be gifts list cover all types of gifts, from practical to cute to shocking, and we made sure to cover all price ranges!

Brides are the star of the wedding—from the lavish gown to the beauty and happiness on her face, she absolutely glows on her special day of marriage.

What better way to congratulate her on this milestone than with a lovely little present?

Although the options are endless in the gift-giving department, it’s a matter of stepping back and reflecting on what she might need or want.

Our bride-to-be picks guide will provide you with the first step into giving the right gift for her!

How To Nail Bride To Be gifts

1. Make it all about her

As it’s her special day, the gift needs to focus on her. Perhaps it can be something she’s passionate about or memorabilia to look back on fondly—in any case, it needs to be all about her and her stunning personality.

2. Get to know her

If you don’t know her very well, it’s a matter of striking up a conversation and learning about her interests and aspirations—doing so will narrow the choices of items to give her.

3. Go the extra mile

Since it’s her big day, doing a bit more for her will show just how much you appreciate her.

From tying on a lovely bow to a heartfelt message, these little things can go a long way.

4. Contribute to memories

Whether it’s a matter of being part of the ceremony or offering the capture those memories in photos or on camera, creating memories is just as touching as an actual gift, which people can continue to reflect on, even cherish, in the years to come.

5. Offer something useful

If the bride and her groom are planning to move into their own place after the wedding, then providing them some practical tools to startup is a great present.

From kitchen supplies to furniture, even secondhand items can help them get installed in their newly-wedded life.

6. Give a homemade gift

Being a craftsperson can be an advantage, as you can make a lovely gift for the bride. From a touching card to a colorful scarf, it’s the effort that counts in the gift itself.

7. Ensure it’s appropriate

Of course, you wouldn’t want to give lingerie to the bride, as it can be embarrassing for her to find out, let alone with her groom.

That’s why it’s important to make sure the item is appropriate so that you can make her feel comfortable and appreciated.

8. Use words and emotion

Offering a heart-warming speech at the reception can be the best pick to offer: showing your gratitude towards the bride and her accomplishments is the best way to demonstrate that you care.

9. Offer well wishes

Similar to the above, be sure to include wise words for the bride and groom to appreciate.

10. Revel in her happiness

In the end, the day is about the bride, and sometimes, being nothing but happy for her is the simplest, most powerful gift in itself.

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The 5 Things a Bride to Be will Need on Her Wedding Day

Here are the 5 things that any bride to be will need on her big day. Whether you are getting ready at a hotel, at the venue, or at home, make sure to have these items close by!

1. A Robe

She should not be in her wedding dress all day! There is far too much risk that she will accidentally spill something on her dress or get makeup on it, wrinkle it, etc.

It would also be pretty uncomfortable to have to be in the dress all day, she'll likely get hot, and going to the bathroom would be incredibly difficult.

Instead, make sure she has a robe that you can easily slip on and off (without it having to go over your head!)

2. Tissues and Blotting Papers

These two items are similar but she’ll want to make sure you have both on hand as they serve two very important purposes!

It is pretty much inevitable that she will cry on her wedding day, and that is okay! After all, it is one of the biggest, most emotional moments of her life.

It is also inevitable that she’ll get a little sweaty or hot. After all, she’ll be in a big dress, and especially if she is getting married in spring or summer, it is hot outside!

While she could use tissues to blow away any sweat or oil, we recommend having actual blotting papers that are designed specifically to remove oil without removing the makeup as well.

3. Medical Aids: Pain Relievers, Eye Drops, Band-Aids

There are some essential medicine related items that she will want to have on hand.

First of all, make sure she has the preferred type of pain reliever on hand. We also recommend having some type of stomach calming medicine available in case of a nervous stomach or experience any nausea.

Hopefully, that won’t be the case, but it is best to be prepared in case it does happen!

4. Phone Charger

If she is having to do some last-minute things or speak with vendors, her battery might drain faster than normal and she’d hate to have a dead phone.

Get her a charger in case the battery does get a little low to make sure she’ll have it available all day and all night long!

5. Sewing Kit/Safety Pins/Fashion Tape

Finally, make sure she has some items to help in case she suffers from any type of wardrobe malfunction.

Safety pins are good to have in case she quickly needs to pull something together or have something fit a little tighter.

Fashion tape is great if worried about the dress slipping out of place.

If something a little more major happens, no room to panic! Have a simple sewing kit on hand in case a seam pops open.

We Cover All Interests And Price Points!

As a thank you for all the hard work she has put in making the wedding and every party leading up to it perfectly, get her something that she will truly love and use.

Perhaps something she can use on her wedding day? We’ve thought of all ideas so that you can easily select the item that is perfect given your particular situation.

Covering a variety of interests and price points, you are sure to find a perfect gift for the special bride in your life. Whether you are the lucky fiance, the mother of the bride, a bridesmaid, or just a wedding guest excited for the big day, there are items here appropriate for everyone.

Is the bride to be very practical? A planner? A romantic? Totally girly? No matter her personality, you can find something here that she will love.

As excited as she surely is for her wedding, undoubtedly she is also experiencing a lot of nerves and stress. Getting married can be stressful, even under the most perfect of circumstances!

A thoughtful bride to be gift is a great way to show her you care about her and to help her relax and take some time for herself leading up to the wedding.

We have thought about all the types of brides out there and came up with this curated list of bridal gifts to be that is absolutely perfect. Wedding gifts should be fun, even if they are still incredibly practical, and that is what you will find on this list.