Gift Ideas for Her (Practical & Thoughtful)Gift Ideas for Her (Practical & Thoughtful)

Do you have trouble finding the PERFECT & practical gift for the perfect woman in your life? No worries, you aren’t the only one who gets overwhelmed. Finding the right gift can be hard, especially when dealing with fashion, cosmetics, or technology. But, the good news is you have come to the right place. We have you covered from your kids to you grandmother and everything in between. When looking for top gifts for women, there is such a variety of choices you will come across. Whether you know exactly what you want to get your woman, girl, grandmother or perhaps just a good friend, our gift guides include something special for every woman in your life. From babies to teenagers and all the way to seniors! Not only do we cover every lucky woman in your life, but also every possible occasion. No matter the event from bdays and holidays to weddings, housewarming gifts, and graduations, you will find the perfect little present. If you are looking for a unique and meaningful item, then stop right here. At That Sweet Gift we love finding amazing gifts that will not soon be forgotten. We have guides to help you every step of the way.

10 Things To Keep in Mind when Buying a Gift for a Woman

Have a special "lady" in your life that you are shopping for? Be sure to keep these 10 things in mind while you giftshop for her!

1. Understand who you are shopping for

Getting a woman an impersonal gift is an easy way for her to feel unappreciated. Instead, picture the specific person you are shopping for and get her a gift that you know she would love. If you are shopping for Mother’s Day gifts, take time to get something that each woman you are shopping for would love, instead of getting them all the same standard gift. Take into consideration her profession. Is she a doctor, musician or a nerd? this can give you clues to what she is into.

2. Remember important events

The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to giving someone a present is to accidentally not give them one because you forgot about a certain event or holiday. There’s nothing wrong with marking things down in your calendar so you don’t forget. Women don’t expect expensive gifts, but they do expect to be remembered.

3. Get her something she can use all to herself

Women are incredibly caring people, and so when shopping for them, whether it be your mother, sister, girl, consider getting them something that is totally just for them to enjoy. This is their one chance to “be selfish,” let them know you want them to relax and take some time for themselves!

4. She’ll give you hints

Most women will hint about things when it gets close to their bday or a holiday. The hint may not always be about a specific item, but may also indicate how she is feeling or how much she feels comfortable about you spending. No matter what she is saying- listen! It’ll make gift shopping easier and ensures you’re getting her something she wants.

5. Don’t follow the crowd

There are always going to be obvious gift ideas for major holidays like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, but have the women in your life gotten the same types of gifts year after year? Do something different! She will always appreciate if you get her a gift, but it’ll mean a lot more if it is something unique that shows you took some time to think about it.

6. Unique is better than expensive

There is a myth out there that a gift is “better” if it’s more expensive, but that isn’t true! In fact, most women will appreciate a well thought-out gift much more than an ordinary gift that cost more money. It is easy to go to the nearest store and buy the first thing you see. Instead, take a little more time to think of a unique gift. The fact that you took the time will guarantee that she’ll love it.

7. Don’t get her a gift that you secretly want

Do not shop for a woman with something you would like to get in your mind. Buying a gift should be all about considering the person you are shopping for. It’ll also look incredibly obvious when she opens the gift if it is clearly something that she doesn’t really love, but you seem very excited about it.

8. Don’t regift items

Do you have something sitting at home that you never use? It might be tempting to wrap it up and give it away to someone else, but that is always a risky move. You don’t want to accidentally give a gift back to the person that originally gave it to you. Or, if the woman you give the gift to eventually finds out, she will surely be disappointed and not feel special.

9. Plan in advance

Waiting until the last minute to look for a gift is always a bad idea. Give yourself enough time to think about and find the perfect gift for the special woman in your life you are shopping for. If you are ordering online, make sure you get the right shipping level so that the gift is sure to arrive in time. A late gift is always disappointing, no matter what it is!

10. Match the gift to the relationship level

Are you shopping for a gift for your mother, or a girl you just started dating? Every relationship is different and requires a different type of gift. Getting a girl you just met a really expensive gift will likely make her feel uncomfortable. Spending a bit more money on your mom makes more sense.

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The Best Gifts Ideas for Her

Finding the perfect gifts for women can be difficult. Whether it’s your better half, your mother, grandmother, sister, niece, or your best friend, these women are incredibly special and deserve the best around the holidays. However, all of these women are unique and have varying interests and passions. That can be hard to shop for! Thinking up the perfect gift for everyone can get stressful fast, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are so many opportunities throughout the year to show these women you care. Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, special occasions like a graduation or a wedding - and the list goes on! No matter what the event is, you want to find that unique gift for her, and that is where we come in! We know all the greatest gifts to give for all the special days throughout the year. Our gift guides help you pick the perfect gift, and help make sure you don’t forget a special moment!

Every Occasion Gift Guides for Her

Our gift guides cover all the great holidays and occasions you need to shop for. Shopping for these women shouldn’t be stressful, it should be fun! Whether you are shopping for a toddler, a teenager, a young mom, or an older woman, we have the gift guides that will lead you in the right direction for all of them. From toy suggestions to wine guides, we have got you covered for all the women in your life!

Look, we all know how hard it is to find the perfect gift and the pressure that goes along with it. Whether it is your daughter, mother, niece, or friend, you need to find the perfect gift. Well we take the pressure right off of your shoulders. We have a wide range of gift guides to cover every holiday or occasion because you don’t need more stress in your life. Does your girl love wine? Or maybe your daughter is a techie or tomgirl. No matter what the occasion or personality, you are sure to find an amazing gift for every woman in your life.

From adventurers to introverts, we will help you find the perfect gift. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or just to remind her you love her, gifts are a great way to show you care. You can get funny gifts for women that are sure to bring a smile to her face or romantic gestures to make her heart billow with appreciation. No matter the effect you are going for, the perfect gift is right here.

Practical Gifts for Her? We Feature a Whole Bunch of It!

The last thing anybody wants is for their gift to be strewn aside weeks after the occasion or put in the giveaway bin during the next spring cleaning. It is possible to find both fun and functional gifts. Practical gifts are great for individuals who love travel, are minimalists, enjoy different hobbies, or just like to stay organized. There is no bad reason to give a practical gift, especially one that is sure to get used! There is nothing better than seeing a gift get used over and over again!
Inspiring Ideas for her and for every pocket!

Inspiring Gift Ideas for Her and for Every Pocket!

Gifts are a great way to show someone that you care and that you want someone to feel special. If you don’t have an idea or are tired of getting the same gifts over and over, take a look through our guides for some inspiration. Make the next bday or Mother’s Day celebration the best one yet by getting a totally unique gift that the special someone in your life wouldn’t expect at all!

The best part about all this? You can find the perfect gift for a woman no matter your budget. Whether you are looking for decorative or functional, quirky or romantic, there are plenty of gifts for every individual and every budget. Get started with our comprehensive gift guides that are sure to point you to exactly the gifts you are looking for.

Finding a Gift for a Woman: Practical Tips

For some reason, people seem to be so afraid when it comes to shopping for women! Whether it is your mother, your spouse,  girl, even your sister, there is such a fear that you will end up with the wrong gift. The truth is, it really isn’t that difficult to come up with a perfect, thoughtful gift for any occasion. Whether you want a romantic gift for your anniversary, or a fun gift to get your friend for her bday, it is not as much of a challenge as you might think it will be!

If you are feeling worried about getting the right gift, you are in luck. There are plenty of practical tips out there, and we’ve rounded up our top 5 tips that are sure to help you out. From tips to search for the perfect gift, to actual gift ideas that any woman would love, here is what you need to know when it comes to finding a gift for a woman.

1. Search Her Social Media

One of the best things you can do when searching for a gift for a woman is to head to her social media and see what you can find! Especially if she has a Pinterest account, that is pretty much a look into her current wishlist! Whether you find an actual item, or just a good idea, you are sure to find something.

Has she entered a contest to win items from a favorite brand of hers? Why not get her something from that brand as her gift? Does she follow certain brands, does she ‘like’ a lot of their posts, does she repost them, or tweet at them? There is a lot you can figure out by doing some quick snooping on her social media.

This is a great resource and one you definitely shouldn’t ignore. You know she will like anything you get that you find as a result of her social media, as she posted it there herself! This is a great practical tip that can help you no matter who you are shopping for.

2. Consider a Gift to Enjoy With Her

Do you frequently go hiking with your girl? Enjoy sipping on some wine with your girl? Love taking your mom out to the movies? Consider something you enjoy doing with the woman on your shopping list and get a gift that goes along with that! That could mean movie tickets, a nice bottle of wine, or some new workout gear.

That way, you aren’t getting just a random gift, but something that you know she will be able to use or enjoy with you while doing an activity that you enjoy doing together. This is almost a 2-for-1 gift idea, as she gets the gift itself, and also gets the experience of enjoying it with you! You can’t go wrong with that!

3. Make it an Experience

This doesn’t mean that you have to gift her an experience like a concert or vacation (although you totally could and there’s no denying that that makes a great gift), but rather, turn the gift giving experience into something more than just handing her a wrapped up gift! This could mean planning a scavenger hunt to find the gift, or having her ask clues to figure out what she got. Get creative with it!

The experience alone can be just as rewarding as the gift itself. The takeaway here is that women appreciate you taking time and putting in effort into something. Anyone can easily go to the store, pick out a gift, and wrap it. Taking the time to plan an experience around it shows far more thought and effort- and that is what she is sure to love!

4. Just Ask

Sometimes it really can be this simple. If you are that concerned about what to get her, why not just ask? This again is a way to clue her in that you do care and want to get her something that she likes, and she’ll appreciate that you care to do some research to find out instead of buying her something random that she may not appreciate.

Most women won’t mind being asked and don’t think of it as taking the easy way out. They’ll love feeling special! No matter what you get as a response, you are sure to get something that will help you out. You’ll also have the added bonus of her being appreciative that you took the time to speak with her. While getting any gift at all is nice, we can all admit that we like getting gifts that we actually- like! Asking for hints or suggestions can help you get to just that, ensuring she is happy and so are you!

5. Don’t Be Afraid of Gift Cards

Finally, most people think that gift cards are incredibly impersonal gifts and are a horrible idea to give to someone you care about. We think that is a bit of a myth! The idea of getting a gift card isn’t bad, but rather, it is all about the execution that can turn this gift from something impersonal into something personalized and exciting. If you just get her a general Visa gift card, for example, it admittedly does feel a bit impersonal. You can grab that card anywhere and she can use it anywhere. Kind of boring!

However, if you know of a favorite store that she absolutely loves to shop at, getting her a gift card specific to that store turns the gift into something awesome. She more than likely won’t expect you to know each and every item she has from a certain store. She also won’t expect you to read her mind to know of a specific item she wants. However, knowing what her favorite store is and gifting her the chance to go shop there to pick out what she wants - that is gold! If you know her favorite store, and know she loves to shop, this is a perfect gift idea that she is sure to love.

So there you have it! Turns out, gift shopping for a woman is not all that difficult! From searching her social media, to creating an experience, to just actually asking her what she wants, you have a lot of options that will make things easier for you. Ultimately, you should always keep in mind that getting her any gift at all will impress her. It is the thought that counts, and putting in the effort to find her something she will love will make her happy. Don’t overthink it, and you will be fine!