Best Gifts for Bosses - Voted by CEOs & Managers

What do you get a boss for a birthday, Christmas, an anniversary or some other special occasion? The tough one isn't it? With our gifts ideas for bosses, you can now make sure to find just the right gift for a dear friend, a family member or a colleague who lives for their work. The gift ideas for your boss featured below include some of the best, most thoughtful and original items to be found online. All you need to do is start browsing!

10 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Gift For Bosses

On the lookout for the perfect gift for your boss? Make sure you keep these ten things in mind when buying a gift.

1. It isn’t a competition

Don’t try to “one-up” your boss by getting him or her something nicer or more extravagant than maybe they have in the past.

2. Do other employees give gifts?

If you are new to the job, consider asking around before showing up to the office party with a gift. If no one else typically brings a gift, you might come across as trying to suck up.

3. Measure the nature of the relationship

Do you see your boss frequently outside of work, or does the relationship stay strictly at the office? Let your level of closeness dictate what type of gift to get your boss.

4. Always remain appropriate

It can be difficult to find a gift that doesn’t come across as inappropriate, but it is important to take the time to be sure. If you are ever unsure, consider getting something else.

5. Group gifts are great

Why not get together with your coworkers and come up with one nice gift to get for your boss? That way you don’t have to worry about your item differing from other coworkers and can get your boss something special.

6. Only give alcohol if you know your boss drinks

A nice bottle of wine, for example, is a popular gift to get a boss. However, don’t risk offending him or her if they don’t drink. If you aren’t sure, go with something else.

7. Stay away from personal items

Things like clothing or jewelry are likely too personal to get for a boss.

8. Bring the gift to the office

Sending a gift to your boss’ home can feel too personal. Instead, bring it to the office or the location of your office party and give it to them there.

9. Consider an office gift

Is there something you know your boss would use in the office? Consider things like a nice pen, notebook, or planner. It is useful and there’s no worry about it being inappropriate.

10. Food and drink gifts are nice

You can never go wrong with getting your boss a nice food gift- just make sure you are aware of any allergies your boss might have! To play it safe, stay away from gifts that contain things like nuts.

You can also go for a good liquor or liquor decanter!

Gifts Ideas for Bosses that Rule

A good boss can make work so much more enjoyable. If you are in this situation, you might want to get him or her a gift to thank them for their guidance and leadership. You have come to the right place! We have got the best collection of gift ideas for bosses.

It can be tricky sometimes to come up with the right gift for a boss. If you are unsure of what to get as a gift for Christmas, or a birthday, don’t worry. Our list of unique gifts for a boss will guide you to the perfect item. No more worrying about what is appropriate, or what will make your boss smile! We have a range of gifts, all of which will be perfect for your boss.

What Occasion Should You Gift Your Boss with a Token of Appreciation? Our Tips

Having a great boss can make all the difference in the world. Heading to work is a necessary part of life, and we can all agree that working with people you like makes the workday go by so much smoother. What is your relationship with your boss? Whether you’ve just started a new job and are getting used to your new position, or if you’ve been somewhere for years, there’s always the familiar question of when you should get your boss a gift.

Worry no more! Here are our top tips for figuring out when you should gift your boss a token of appreciation.

1. Over the Holidays

One of the most expected times of year to give a gift is over the holidays. This should make sense! This is the season of giving, and you are likely also in search of gifts for your coworkers as well. Including your boss on your list is a nice way to thank him or her for their hard work over the past year.

We recommend getting a ‘neutral’ gift that doesn’t reference any specific holiday or religion in order to not accidentally offend your boss unless you are absolutely certain what their beliefs and traditions are.

2. For His or Her Bday

Your boss’s birthday is another fairly obvious choice for a time to get him or her a gift. In this case, you might consider getting with your coworkers or team members and getting a joint gift that comes from everyone. That way, you don’t feel financial pressure to get a major gift, and there is no chance of feeling uncomfortable giving the gift. If it comes from every one, no one is signaled out, and it is simply a nice token to celebrate your boss.

Does your boss typically get gifts for everyone else on their birthday? This is a good indicator of if you should get a gift or not. If birthdays are celebrated, it makes sense to not leave your boss outcome his or her birthday. Follow your typical office culture to see if a birthday is an appropriate time or not.

3. Consider Boss’s Day

Did you know that there is an official Boss’s Day? There certainly is, and it falls on October 16th (or the closest working day if that happens to fall on a weekend).

This is an occasion to simply consider getting a gift for, it is certainly not as popular as other times like the holidays or birthdays. Some offices may make a big deal about Boss’s Day, others may not even realize it exists.

If you do decide to get a gift for Boss’s Day, we recommend you get something that is office-related in order to stay ‘on the theme’ and to make sure it doesn’t feel inappropriate. Perhaps something for his or her desk to promote the organization, or a stress reliever that they can use during meetings (or any other time of day). Your boss works really hard, so showing your appreciation on the official Boss’s Day certainly makes sense.

4. Follow the Rules/Ask Questions

This isn’t a specific occasion, but more a general tip to keep in mind when considering when to get your boss a gift. Follow any rules that your company may have in place!

Check your handbook and see if there is anything on gift-giving. You’d be surprised what information is there, and there may be specific instructions on what to do. If there is a no-gift policy in place, be sure to follow it.

If there are no specific rules you are aware of, consider asking around to your colleagues what they typically do. This is especially important if you are new to a job - you don’t know the expectations yet! You don’t want to be the new hire that shows up with a gift when no one else does.

5. Giving a Gift is Never a Requirement

Finally, the most important thing to keep in mind when considering when to get your boss a gift is that there is never an occasion where it is a requirement. Ever! If you feel uncomfortable or simply do not have the budget to get your boss a gift, don’t do it. Most bosses will never expect gifts from their employees. They may get gifts for their workers, but that doesn’t mean you should feel forced to get them something in return.

If you are new to a job, you especially should not feel obligated to get a gift for your boss. If you have a long term relationship with your boss and look at them as a friend, it makes more sense to want to get them a gift. However, if that relationship has not been established, it is perfectly fine to sit back and give things more time. Never feel pressured, even if other colleagues are doing so, that doesn’t mean you have to as well.

Figuring out the right times to get your boss a gift can feel very stressful. After all, you only want to do the right thing, you don’t want to make things uncomfortable! Hopefully, these tips have helped you decide what to do.

A Token of Your Professional Affection to be Found in all Price Ranges

If you are running short on ideas for your boss this year, there’s no need to stress! You have a long list of people to shop for, and we are here to make your job easier. No matter the holiday, we have a gift guide that will help you out. We have the perfect ideas for bosses and are sharing our ideas through our variety of gift guides. If you have a boss to shop for, take a look through our gift guides. We are sure you will find a unique gift that will be perfect.

No matter what your budget is, or what industry you work in, there is a perfect and unique gift that you can find here that will be greatly appreciated by your boss. Take a look through our gift guides picked specifically for bosses and see what you find. We’re sure you’ll see the perfect gift. Start looking now!

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