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Babies are such little bundles of joy and we always want to keep them happy and healthy. And nothing makes them happier than a new toy to play with! But, when it comes to getting them the right toy, it can be a bit challenging. There’s so many different things out there from baby rattles to more educational gifts. This guide will help you make the right decision so that you can get the perfect gift for that special baby!

10 Things to Consider When Looking for a Gift for Babies

1. Age Appropriate

You may think that any toy that looks fun and colorful is the perfect toy for a baby but that’s not true. You don’t want to buy a toy for a baby just to find out that it’s too advanced for the baby’s comprehension. Which is why it’s important the baby falls in the appropriate age range. This is easily done by checking the toy’s packaging which generally says which ages it’s suitable for. This ensures that they baby will be able to understand how to use and get the most fun out of it!

2. Safety, Safety, Safety

When it comes to babies, it’s always safety first! And contrary to popular belief, not all toys are perfectly safe for babies such as toys that have lots of small parts or anything that has an electrical cord. That’s why it’s important to make sure the toy you are buying can be operated by a child safely by themselves or with adult supervision.

3. Promotes Learning and Creativity

Babies are figuring out the world around them with every touch, smell, sight and sound. So, you don’t just want to give them a toy that is fun to play with; you want to give them a toy that helps them learn as well as inspires their creativity. This can be anything from learning designed games that teach things like the alphabet to building blocks that allow the baby to create different things.

4. Encourages Physical Activity

Physical activity is great for a baby because it promotes healthy body functions and teaches them how to coordinate their movements. Toys that promote physical activity are extremely good for babies, especially ones that are just learning to walk. And there are many toys out there, from simple to extravagant, that make learning to move fun for babies!

5. Stimulates Different Senses

Lots of toys out there only do one thing. For example, a rattle only produces a sound when it’s shaken but nothing else. And while it may not be boring to a baby it doesn’t stimulate their other senses. Toys that provide a multi-sensory experience are the best and have been proven to help reduce stress and stop certain behaviors in special needs cases. These toys generally do several things like light up, make sound, have different textures and so on.

6. Can Be Used for Several Years

Although babies are bundles of joy, they aren’t when it comes to the wallet. They grow up so fast and that means having to constantly buy them new things to fit their new age. Which is why toys that be used for several years are the best! These toys generally start at a baby’s comprehension level but as they grow it can be adjusted to become more and more challenging for them. It’s great for them and great for your wallet!

7. Material

Toys can be made up of all different kinds of materials and some of them can be toxic if the baby puts the toy in its mouth, which is something they do a lot. Make sure that all the toys you buy are made from non-toxic, durable materials, this includes things like plastics, paints and any coatings they may put to make toys last. The toy should also be durable so that it doesn’t easily break which is important for the baby’s safety and for your wallet.

8. Unique

There are so many different toys out there that all seem to do the same thing, light up, teach letters and numbers, make sounds, etc. so does it really matter which one you get? Yes! If you really want your child to get a jumpstart on learning, it’s really important to consider how they’re learning these things. Toys that teach babies basic things, in a unique way, are the best way for the baby to learn fast and enjoy it! This is fantastic for teaching them that it’s fun to learn and there are many ways to do it.

9. Interaction

Babies are almost always under constant supervision so think about getting toys that you can also play with. This helps stimulate fun interaction between parent and child and brings you closer together. Toys that require teamwork and problem solving are perfect for helping the baby learn about life skills at an early age which they internalize as they grow up. This helps them be a kinder person with great social skills!

10. Fun!

Last but not least, the toy should be fun! Don’t get caught up in all the little details and end up getting something that is just plain boring for a baby. All these tips are helpful guidelines but don’t need to be followed strictly. As long as it’s safe and interesting to the baby then above all it should be fun. Remember that babies learn through fun and playing!

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