These Cards Will Get You Drunk: Fun Adult Drinking Game

Parties are held for all sorts of reasons. Most of the time a party is held to celebrate a certain momentous occasion. Other times, parties are held solely for the purpose of having fun. Every party can be different and unique especially parties in other countries, but one thing that doesn’t need any translation is the fact that parties are just simply fun. No matter the culture, the language, the country, or race, throwing a party can be a whole lot of fun. One the of the things that people do at parties is playing party games. Party games can all vary, but one kind of party game that again has no cultural barriers would be a drinking game. Drinking games can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but if you are someone who loves a good drinking game or know someone who does enjoy them, we know just the gift to get; the card game called “These Cards Will Get You Drunk!”


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Detailed information about These Cards Will Get You Drunk: Fun Adult Drinking Game

The card game that is “These Cards Will Get You Drunk” will do just that; get you drunk. It obviously is not a game for teens and children and is created for those are of legal drinking age in your country. The game is really simple to play though and can be played with up to 8 players and a minimum of 2 players. Now, what is the goal of the game? Well, the goal is to become the person who is the most sober at the end although, you probably will be drunk by the end of the game. Players will take turns drawing a card that will then make them do silly things in which players will then have to vote to see who has to drink. The game can be easily played with any form of alcohol your party desires, so if beer is your forte then by all means do so or if not then choose something else like wine! One of the interesting aspects about this game is because of the game being really easy to play it leaves room for your to incorporate your own rules into it making the game more fun, more entertaining, or, whatever else you decide to do!