Wedding Gifts Ideas

A loved one’s wedding is around the corner, and the big day is coming up soon. As an invitee to this special ceremony, you’re obliged to offer a wedding gift for the two lovebirds as means of saying “congratulations.” Whether or not you’re close with the lucky couple, you’re not sure just what you can purchase for them. Our wedding gift ideas list will help you out, as we present to you some wedding gift ideas for the soon-to-be wedded pair.

10 Things to Consider When Buying a Wedding Gift

1. What’s on the registry?

This should always be the first question when buying a wedding gift. Even if it’s not the most glamorous item—say a spatula or a set of sheets—it’s something that this couple needs. They’ve taken the time to tell you what they want. It’s always a good idea to listen to them.

2. Which future spouse do you know more?

While you may be in a situation where you know both parties equally well, most wedding guests attend for one or the other. It’s a good idea to keep this relationship in mind, as the one you call friend will more than likely be the one writing the thank you note.

3. Which future spouse do you know less?

On the flip side of the first argument, it can also be a fun challenge to seek out the likes and dislikes of the spouse you know the least. It’s a fun get-to-know-you activity if nothing else.

4. What’s their style?

If you’ve been invited to the wedding, you likely know this couple pretty well. Take a cue from what they wear and do. Are they romantics? Minimalists? High-fashion style gurus? Do they spend their weekends in the garden or out on the town?

5. Where will they be living?

You don’t want to buy a set of fishing rods for the city slickers, and you don’t want to buy season tickets to broadway for the country folks. It’s always a good idea to keep your setting in mind when picking out a gift for the newlyweds.

6. What is their housing like?

There are things that work well in a large house that don’t translate at all into a tiny apartment, and vice versa. Find out where this couple is going to be living and how much space they are going to have before you start buying industrial-sized appliances for the kitchen.

7. How old are they?

Young couples who are just starting out in life are likely to need all the basics—towels, pots and pans, and even clothing hangers. For couples in their late twenties and beyond, a wedding can be a great opportunity to buy something unique and out of the ordinary, since they likely have the basics taken care of.

8. Give an experience

For couples who already have their basic needs taken care of, it can be fun to buy them an experience. Think about the things that they love to do together and give them a great night out. If they’re going on a honeymoon, buy them a nice dinner or a fun activity on the trip.

9. Think about transport and delivery

That big, beautiful barbecue isn’t likely to fit on top of the gift table very well, now is it? This shouldn’t dissuade you from the big ticket items—just know that you’re going to have come up with some way to deliver them.

10. Gift cards aren’t a bad thing

We all have to take care of the little things in life—grocery shopping, getting gas, and fixing the pipes in the bathroom. You can make these jobs easier for your couple by supplying them with the funds to take care of them.

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The Most Original and Thoughtful Wedding Gifts Ideas

Weddings are beautiful ceremonies celebrating the love of two people coming together and starting their journey of life together. Always filled with such excitement, weddings are beautiful moments that people remember forever. Family and friends come together from all over the country, or all over the world, to celebrate the love that two people share for each other.

Plenty of couples have a wedding registry that you can select a gift from, and surely you can find a practical gift that they will put to good use. However, for those special couples in your life, have you considered getting them something more unique? Maybe your best friend is getting married, or your sibling or another family member. Why not surprise them with a gift that they will remember forever?

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Gift?

You might be wondering what the perfect wedding gift is, and that is why we are here to help. Our wedding gift guides will help you select the perfect gift that fits the personalities of the happy couple. Are they silly, adventurous, creative, or more intellectual? No matter what they are like or what their interests are, we can help you select the perfect gift for them.

Weddings are exciting times, but they are not without stress. Planning a wedding is no easy task these days, and starting a new life with someone takes plenty of planning and patience as well. A couple’s wedding day should be filled with happiness and love, and wouldn’t it be nice to add to that feeling with an unexpected gift?

Weddings are once in a lifetime. You don’t want to miss out on this chance to show your love for the happy couple. Anniversaries will come every year, but there is only one wedding day! If you have been married, you likely remember just how you were feeling the day of your wedding. Those memories will last with you forever, and it is those unexpected moments that really stand out.

Surprise the Couple

You may or may not know them well, which makes it difficult to gauge just what will and will not be an appropriate item to give them. This list are some traditional and unique gifts you can offer to the special couple:

1. Practical items. Especially if the couple is young and just starting out their lives, offering them some practical item to get started is the way to go. Things like kitchen tools or furniture are solid gifts to offer, as they’ll much-appreciate your kindness.

2. An experience. Instead of having the couple pay for their own honeymoon, help chip in to pay for a wonderful experience while on their honeymoon. Whether it’s paying for a trip to Europe or a weekend in the Bahamas, giving them the support to make a long-lasting experience wonderful is the best thing you can possibly do for them.

3. Gift cards. This might seem tacky, but if you don’t know the couple very well, they won’t feel insulted if you give them a gift card. Perhaps you can make it more practical by offering them a gift card to a furniture or clothing store as they get settled into their newlywedded life.

4. A toast. Sounds corny, but delivering a heartfelt speech during the wedding can be a great way to show your appreciation for the newlyweds. Go for it!

5. Good memories. Finally, make it count! With the reception, keep the fun going with good food, good dances, and plenty of laughter to go around.

A Gift to Fit Every Budget

By taking some extra time to think through a special wedding gift, you will make the couple feel incredibly special. Keep in mind that couples spend a lot of time and money to create the perfect ceremony and reception that will make everyone happy. A great way to say thank you and to congratulate the couple on their marriage is by picking that perfect, unique gift!

Our wedding gift guides take the stress out of finding the perfect gift. No matter what your budget is, you can find something here that will make the happy couple smile. Even if you get something small that will make the couple laugh, it is worth it to see their faces light up on the most important day of their life. Why not start looking and planning today?