Gift Ideas for Runners

You want to get an exceptional gift for someone who lives for running? You have landed in paradise when it comes to gifts ideas for runners! We have teamed up with leading experts from Runnerclick & Runners101 to give you the latest gadgets, the best quality gear and personalized accessories, we got the perfect gift for your runner. Browse through our gift guides and find that unique item you know existed but did not know where to get.

10 Things to Consider When Seeking a Gift for a Runner

1. The type of running they do

Not all running is the same. There are trail runners, marathoners, and sprinters, among others, and each of them has a particular set of needs. Make sure you are clear on the specific sub-category that your runner falls into.

2. Places they might like to run

Runners are always looking for a change of scene. If you can, find them an adventure. Pick out a path, trail, or course somewhere beautiful and plan a day trip for them. They are sure to enjoy the thought and care you put in.

3. They’re probably picky

If you’re buying gear for your runner, you’ll want to be absolutely sure of their preferences. Most serious runners are loyal to specific brands and models and rarely deviate from what works.

4. The weather where they live

It will make a big difference whether your runner is heading off the starting line in Seattle or Miami. Try to adjust your purchases for the yearly weather averages wherever your runner is based.

5. Their running routine

Do they head off first thing in the morning before the sun has risen, or are they more of an afternoon jogger? Do they listen to music or podcasts while they run? Try to support their ritual as best you can with new and exciting purchases.

6. Their sizes

Runners often prefer their athletic clothing and shoes to fit differently than their streetwear. They might prefer shirts to be tighter or looser, and their shoe size can vary too. If you are checking their sizes, make sure to check it on their running gear specifically.

7. The level of competition they are engaged in

Extremely competitive runners are likely to be running races quite regularly, and will probably have need of a great deal of gear. Fuel their feet with energy goo, new shoes, and race entry fees. Less competitive runners are sure to enjoy some of these things as well, particularly if they are new to racing.

8. Why they love running

Most people run because they love it, and they love it for a variety of reasons. Some find it soothing and meditative, others find it exhilarating and empowering. Find your runner’s narrative of running and feed into it as best you can.

9. Who they run with

Some runners go solo, always off by themselves. Others embrace the social side and join up with a running group in their area. You’ll want to keep your runner’s level of gregariousness in mind as you search out a gift. They might really enjoy something that gets them more involved with the running community.

10. Their long term goal

Is your runner trying to break their marathon time? Are they shooting high and aiming to go pro? Whatever the goal they are working toward, encourage them toward it with gear or inspiration.

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Gifts Ideas for Runners and Running Enthusiasts

If you know a runner, you know how important the sport is to them. These people are incredible athletes that have a love for fitness and practice it whenever they can. Maybe you know a professional runner, or someone who is still just as interested in it and regularly practices the sport and enters marathons and other challenges all the time.

If this person has a birthday or other big event coming up, you might not be sure what to get them. But why not get them something that has to do with their biggest passion in life? Our gift guides for runners is full of awesome ideas that will be perfect for any runner. You know how important this sport is to them, so why not get them something that will help them continue doing what they love?

How to Find A Unique and Practical Gift for a Runner

You don’t have to be a runner yourself to understand how much someone else loves running. Maybe it is your spouse, your sibling, or your best friend. You might occasionally run with them, but you know who the true athlete is. Even if you are a runner yourself, you might run out of ideas from time to time (pun intended!) Don’t worry about not coming up with the perfect gift yourself, our guides are here to help you. We feel confident you will find the most unique gift in no time.

From beginning runners who are just getting into a rhythm, to lifetime runners who will never give up the sport, we have got gifts covering every stage. You will be able to select the perfect gift for the special runner in your life in no time.

We Feature Gifts in All Budget Ranges

Is the runner in your life about to run a big race or compete in a major competition? Now is a great time to get them a gift to celebrate their huge accomplishment. Be there at the finish line with a huge smile and a unique gift to remember the day by.

Runners work incredibly hard and devote a lot of their time to the sport. The perfect gift can help them remember why it is they do what they do, and is something they are sure to appreciate and remember forever.

No matter your budget, or your knowledge of running, you can find the perfect gift for a runner in your life. If there is a big holiday or race day coming up, it is time to start looking for gifts. Take a look at our gift guides and see what you find. You’ll be running to the checkout in no time!