LimoStudio Photography Softbox Lighting Kit

What is the key to making a great photograph? Lighting. Every good photographer knows you can’t take a good photo if you don’t have the correct lighting. It’s one of the most basic necessities that is often times over looked. But many times, homes and indoor areas don’t have good lighting due to the placement of windows and the quality of lamp and overhead light bulbs. What you really need is LimoStudio’s Photography Softbox Lighting Kit. It’s seriously a fantastic gift to give photographers and even avid selfie-ers!

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Detailed information about LimoStudio Photography Softbox Lighting Kit

The kit comes with 2 light holders with softbox reflectors, 2 86” studio quality high output umbrellas with light stands, 2 photo light bulbs for pure balanced white light and 1 carrying case for easy transportation. The softbox reflectors are made of high quality nylon and are used to soften the light stream while removing shadows for the perfect shot. The umbrella light stands hold up the softbox reflectors on 3 sturdy legs and an industrial standard mounting stud. The legs can even be adjusted so you get the best light at any height. The light bulbs are energy saving fluorescent spiral bulbs that help save up to 80% of energy. That’s fabulous if you’re having a long shoot and need the lights to be on for several hours at a time. The bulbs feature 85W with a 6500K color temperature but are equal to a 350W regular incandescent light bulb.