Football Gifts

Whether it is football (known as soccer in the United States) or American Football (think the NFL), the sports lover in your life is sure to be grateful for a thoughtful football gift. With our list of football gifts, you can’t possibly go wrong—unless you’re cheering for the other team, that is.

10 Things to Consider when Buying Football Gifts

1. Their sport

The first thing that you will need to consider for your football lover is exactly what sort of football they love. If they are from the United States, odds are they care most about American Football. If they are from anywhere else in the world, odds are they care more about football (also known as soccer). Determine which sport it is that they care about before you purchase gifts—you wouldn’t want to buy for the wrong team.

2. Their team

Most sports fans are committed followers of one or two teams in a league. Poke around and find out exactly who your sports aficionado supports, and try orienting your purchases toward their mascot, logo, and city. You can support not only a sport, but a specific group of players with your gifts.

3. Their colors

Every team has specific colors, and every fan adores them. If your sports aficionado supports a particular team, try purchasing any assortment of items in the team colors. From t-shirts to pillows to alarm clocks to frying pans, your gift recipient is sure to appreciate the nod to their favorite players.

4. Their skills

Not every football fan is a football player, but for those who are, it is important to support their love of the physical game as well as the professional leagues. Try buying gear for the field or something to support them in their training and teamwork.

5. Their hometown

Typically, a fan of the game will hold loyalty to the team they grew up with. If you know where your gift recipient spent their childhood years, it is a fairly safe bet that they have an affection for the professional team closest to them. Try buying some memorabilia and you’re on the right track.

6. Their favorite players

Who is it in the sport that your football aficionado looks up to and idolizes? They are sure to have a few inspirations on the field, and its wise to pay attention to their names. A jersey, a symbol, or a chant about that player will make your gift recipient feel heard and seen.

7. Their best football experience

Was it the winning goal at their high school homecoming game? Or the time that their favorite team won the championship? Whatever glowing and glorious moment stands out in their memory, it is a good thing to celebrate. Try commemorating the moment with wall art or a video of some sort.

8. The group they spend time with

Are they always watching football with their brothers? Maybe their team of talented young women from the local comp team are always getting together to train. Whoever they spend time with, keep them in mind. A person’s friends can tell you a lot about the person themselves.

9. Their home decor

While true fans love their teams, they may not want to display their pride on the living room wall. It’s a good idea to get a sense of their decorating style before you invest in a potentially polemic, brightly colored throw that will clash with the furniture.

10. Their wardrobe

What sorts of clothing does your gift recipient wear? These days, team gear goes far beyond the massive jersey with the star player’s name emblazoned on the back. Try to match the gear you buy to the recipients overall wardrobe.

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Great Football Gifts for Football Lovers

We all have a die-hard football fan in our lives who is already prepping for the next big game. You can support this person’s passion for the game with our fantastic collections of football-specific gifts. Whether it is American football or soccer, your gift recipient is sure to appreciate the thought and specifics inherent in all of these gifts!

Sports tend to bond people together in unique and amazing ways, with team spirit running high. Help support not only a passion for sport but also emerging relationships with a football-themed gift. Try throwing a football party for the next big game or cheer in your favorite team from the local sports bar. Be sure to show your support with the team colors, and help your friends and family display their pride with these fantastic football gifts! Whether it is a birthday, Christmas, or other holiday, a football themed gift is always appropriate for a fanatic.

If your neighbor always has the game on, build relationship with a football related gift. If your best friend is always headed off to the stadium, support their fanaticism with team gear. If you and your family are always out on the field yourselves, invest in some high quality football gear to keep your training in top notch condition. Whoever your loved ones are, their football addiction is a great thing to cheer on.

What type of gift to get a football lover?

Some of us are clueless when it comes to sports. If that is you, don’t worry! Our highly curated gift lists are here to help you out. We have great suggestions for the football lover in your life, no matter what their style or what team they support. Even if you know literally nothing about how football works, you can still pick out a football related gift that is sure to be appreciated by the super fan that you are buying for.

It doesn’t matter if this football lover is your best friend, your sibling, your parent, your cousin, your child, or even your grandparent—there are items that will be sure to bring joy to each and every one of these demographics. The spirit of football runs deep in its fans, and there is a passion that cannot be extinguished. Any well-chosen gift is sure to fan the flames and feel like a gift of happiness and cheering. Have a look through our guides and you are sure to find what you are hunting for.

We have something for every budget!

We certainly can’t all afford tickets to the big game. That’s why we have carefully selected high quality gifts in a variety of price ranges. If you are buying gifts on a shoestring budget or the sky's the limit, we have suggestions for you. No matter how much money you have in your wallet, you can find the perfect supportive gift for the football fan in your life.