Gifts for Campers

Everybody loves the outdoorsy type of person. They always share the best campfire stories and going camping with them is like going on a real adventure. If you’re looking to browse gifts for campers, we can point you in the right direction. We gathered a list of camping gift ideas that is a collection of the best gifts that would appeal to every nature lover.

Camping is such a fun activity that tons of people enjoy. Do you know someone that has a love for camping?

Why not get them a gift that they can use on their next trip? We have compiled this great list of camping gadgets to help you make a perfect choice.

Campers love getting outside and enjoying all that nature has to offer. Oftentimes not taking a lot of items with them, it can feel impossible to think of the right pick.

Don’t stress, though! We have taken the time to compile this list of the perfect camping gadgets that all campers are sure to love!

Gifting an RV Camper? The 5 things He or She Certainly Has on their List

There is a growing trend these days - a lot of people are renting (or buying) an RV camper and hitting the road!

Whether it is just for a long vacation across the country, or a new lifestyle, people are loving the freedom that comes with having an RV. You can wake up in a new city every day if you want!

Do you know someone who has that wanderlust? Are they totally fine living in a camper permanently?

From the financial benefits to the total flexibility, there are a lot of perks of downsizing to a camper.

For others, they aren’t necessarily giving up the perks of home, but an RV camper gives them the ability to hit the road and travel whenever they want.

Long term it can save you a lot of money if you love to travel. No more needing to rent a hotel- just stay in the camper.

No matter the reason, plenty of people are excited at the chance to own their own RV camper. Are you considering gifting an RV camper to someone?

Maybe it is your parents as a gift now that they are now “empty nesters,” or a gift to a newly married couple who wants to focus on traveling.

No matter who you have in mind, they certainly have certain things in mind that they want with their camper.

While you shop, be sure to keep these things in mind. Here are the 5 things they are almost certain to have on their list.

1. Type of vehicle/size

There are two main types of RVs, and you’ll certainly want to know which type this couple or person prefers! You can either get a full motorhome or a towable.

Like the names suggest, a motorhome is one that you drive on its own, whereas a towable model needs to be hitched to a truck. That’s a pretty big difference!

Based on things like current vehicles and needs you can decide which is best.

If you are shopping for someone who doesn’t own a truck and isn’t planning on buying one, a motorhome model is best for them.

If you know someone who’s got a truck capable of towing a camper, they may prefer a towable model.

They’ve probably already made up their mind, so make sure you know what they prefer. There are also quite a few different sized models.

2. Storage

Storage is absolutely a must for anyone deciding to buy a camper. This is especially true if you are buying the RV camper for someone who is moving into it permanently, but even for those just using it for vacation, having good storage space is a must.

These campers are already small compared to the size of a home, and space can easily feel even smaller if you don’t have space to put things.

Thankfully, today there are plenty of camper models that make such great use of every square inch of space.

From bench seating that has storage in it, to stair cubbies that can hold shoes, to floorboards lifting for storage, there are a lot of ways to put storage into a small space.

Make sure the model you select has got some great storage or storage potential.

If it’s not built-in, there are plenty of nifty storage containers and gadgets you can find that will help maximize the existing space you have to work with.

3. Type of toilet

Believe it or not, there are actually several different options when it comes to the type of toilets you can have fitted in an RV camper.

Making sure you’ve got the right model is certainly something any camper will have on their list.

In particular, some people want a more ‘standard’ flushable system, where others are okay with something like a composting toilet.

Both systems are great, but you want to make sure you are getting a camper gift what the person wants!

You have more flexibility if you are buying a new camper, but if you are purchasing a used model, make sure you are checking to see what the setup is like to make sure it fits with what the person or people is looking for.

4. Power options

Many things in an RV camper are electric, but sometimes you’ve also got the option to run some appliances via gas.

Most campers probably have their minds made upon what type of system they prefer, especially when it comes to things like their appliances, water heaters, and more.

This isn’t something that might be incredibly obvious when first looking at a gift camper, so make sure you check and ask questions to understand fully what the setup is.

Part of what someone wants has to do with whether they are going to live full time in the camper, or just use it at certain campsites for vacations.

Available resources and having enough power while out on the road can get tricky, so make sure you are getting the best option that fits the lifestyle of the person you are shopping for!

5. Internet

Finally, let’s face it, even the most rugged of people who are excited to hit the open road will want access to the Internet.

Whether it is just for GPS to navigate, or maybe to send a few texts or make a few calls to connect with families, or to have the convenience of Netflix to watch a movie in bed, no matter what, you want to have that option.

Thankfully, this isn’t necessarily something you need to look for when purchasing an RV, but rather to consider after purchasing as an accessory.

This is pretty much a necessity, so make sure you have got the right tools that can help boost cell signal (for example).

While most campsites today feature free WiFi, that isn’t something you want to rely on, as it can sometimes be spotty or can go down with no reason.

Instead, have some type of Internet plan that will have you connected no matter where you are.

Gifts for Campers and Whoever Loves to Get on the Road

If you aren’t a camper yourself, that is okay. This is the perfect opportunity to show your family members or friend that you remember their interest in camping and want to help them enjoy their trips.

We will help you find the perfect camping gadgets even if you don’t know much of anything about camping or don’t enjoy it yourself.

One of Kind Gift That Is Also Practical!

Out in the middle of nowhere technology tends to not work well, so keeping entertained can sometimes be a problem.

Why not get the campers in your life a fun activity they can use even when in the most remote of areas?

This is just one of many ideas we have. No matter the occasion, you can find a perfect unique gift that any camper will appreciate.

Whether you know a seasoned camper or someone who just likes to occasionally get away on weekends, there are plenty of possibilities for what to get them.

Get them a gift, and maybe you’ll even join them on their next camping trip!

We have a variety of gift ideas, including ones that can be used by numerous people.

Family camping trips are about to get a lot more fun!

10 Camping Gift Ideas We Came Up With!

1. Tents

Of course, with camping, it’s all about having a tent to stay sheltered, especially when camping overnight.

Choosing a good one made from strong, resistant material is the way to go, as it’ll keep for a long time.

2. Bunsen burners

Especially for longer camping trips (e.g. a few days to a couple of weeks), you definitely need to be prepared with food.

Sure, bringing large amounts of granola bars is possible, but having a substantial meal requires some sort of cooking.

That’s why bringing a portable stove, aka “Bunsen burner,” is really essential and offering one to your camper friend will surely make their life a lot easier.

3. Hiking boots

Although they cost a hefty amount at times, hiking boots are sure to be made from sturdy material, thereby making it last a long time.

Even further, they offer plenty of traction, especially on slippery surfaces like rain or mud. Your friend will definitely appreciate this gift!

4. Sturdy backpack

Sometimes, the standard school backpack won’t cut it for heavy camping conditions.

Look into purchasing an actual camping backpack for your friend, as it not only contains plenty of space and compartments to pack most essentials into, but also they are made from strong material that’s able to resist harsh weather conditions.

5. Sleeping bags

Having a tent is a good start, but one mustn’t forget sleeping bags. While it might be hard to get a good night’s rest in the wild, a sleeping bag can help the individual sleep slightly better.

Make sure that it comes insulated, in the case that temperatures dip dramatically at night.

6. Compass

Nowadays, many people rely on technology (i.e. Google Maps) to guide them to their destination; however, in the wild, it can be tricky, as Google Maps might not function well, let alone at all.

Having a compass as an alternative guide will sure to please your camping friend as they navigate through the wilderness.

7. A poncho

Tacky as they are, ponchos are actually quite useful if your friend decides to camp in the middle of the rainy season.

Might cause a sweat, but at least the person won’t be soaked from head to toe.

8. A camping buddy

Not all gifts have to be materialistic—sometimes, it’s the experience. Make yourself your recipient’s camping buddy and enjoy each other’s company.

Nothing but great memories will come out of it!

9. A lamp

You may not realize it, but having light in the middle of the night will save wonders for your camper friend.

A cellphone flashlight might work, but it can only stay on for so long…that’s why an oil lamp comes in handy!

10. Thermos

Whether for water or for tea, having something that can keep your liquids hot in cold weather conditions makes a huge difference in the health, especially for your recipient.

A Cool Gift for Every Budget

For serious camping and nature enthusiasts, you might feel a lot of pressure to get them the perfect pick.

For all their knowledge and experience, it can be stressful trying to find something they will enjoy and be able to use. Don’t worry!

Our picks are perfect even for the most devoted of campers. You can stay stress-free while shopping for their birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or just for their upcoming trip in their camper.

With our list of ideas for road lovers, you are sure to find a unique gift that any camper will truly appreciate.

Don’t stick with ordinary ideas that people can find anywhere, go for something different!

No matter your budget, you can find something that any camper will be sure to love. Why not start looking now?

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