Christening, Baptism & Communion Gift Ideas

Our christening, baptism or first communion gifts ideas guide will help you choose the ideal gift for the religious rites. Attending a christening, baptism or communion is the perfect occasion to celebrate God with your family and friends. Whether you’re one of the Godparents or a guest on this special day, gifting the child is a part of the ceremony. Bringing a child into the world could not be more exciting! For both the parents and their close friends and family, this marks the beginning of a wonderful journey watching the child grow up. One of the first major moments to celebrate the child (besides a baby shower of course) is during their baptism or christening. If you are invited to a baptism or christening, it is normal etiquette to also bring a gift (as is the case with other celebrations!). Start browsing today for that special gift for the child being celebrated!

10 Things to Consider When Buying Christening, Baptism, or First Communion Gifts

1. Your role

It is pretty much always customary for godparents to bring a gift to their soon-to-be godchild’s birthday.

Other than that, though, tradition varies. If you are simply a guest at this event, it’s wise to check in with other attendees and see what they are bringing.

2. It’s not a baby shower

This isn’t the sort of party that you bring diapers and bibs to, though those are always useful.

Christenings, baptisms, and first communions are geared toward religious and spiritual gifts, not practical items.

3. Try a local Christian store

If you are unsure what to get, check out your local Christian store. The staff there is likely to have a good sense of what you’re going to need.

4. Books are always good

Board books are always a good idea for babies, and many publishers offer Bible stories in this durable, chew-safe format. Local Christian stores are good places to find these titles.

5. Don’t forget the Good Book

The one fail-safe option for a christening, baptism, or first communion is a children’s Bible.

Traditionally, this is a gift given by the godparents, but you can’t have too many copies.

6. Try a Decoration

Picture frames, wall crosses, and figurines are all common presents at these sorts of events.

You’ll want to make sure the frame and figurines are Bible-themed, or at the very least inspirational.

7. Even practical items should keep to the theme

You may choose to buy the family something more practical, such as a blanket or plush toy.

Make sure all of these items are Biblical in nature, featuring verses or characters from the stories.

8. Sentimental gifts are good

If there is an occasion to pull out all stops on sentiment, a christening, baptism, or first communion is it.

Don’t shy away from inspirational quotes or spiritual statements—this is the perfect place for them.

9. Baby jewelry (Yes, it exists!)

Another common present at baptisms, christenings, and first communions is jewelry.

If the baby’s family is Catholic, a rosary may be in order. If not, anything with a cross is a safe bet.

10. Monetary gifts are traditional

While many of us shy away from cash gifts, given that they have developed a reputation for laziness, it is actually traditional to give money at christenings, baptisms, and first communions.

Average gifts range from $50 to $100.

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Unique and Thoughtful Christening, Baptism and Communion Gifts

Your child is a precious gift to you from God. You want good things for them hence the reason you always peep through the window on the slightest wiggle from your son and daughter.

Christening is one of the single most emphatic spiritual strides your baby will make.

It is outright unjustifiable for any parent to deny their little ones of christening.

You have already chosen the church, bought the heirloom gown, and contacted the Godparents. What’s next?

Singing “Christmas like” chorals and calling it a day right? Wrong! Let’s admit it not everyone is gifted with the smooth vocals.

Your next-door neighbor can attest to that sore throat after a brief singing session in the bathroom.

Allowing this precious moment to waste away singing somber songs and asking questions like, “ Will he grow up following the righteous ways?” It is an excellent waste of time.

What Type of Gifts are Appropriate for a Baptism or Christening?

This time around  you may not be sure what to get. Do you treat this as similar to a baby shower? Should you get a religious gift? What about giving money - is that considered appropriate?

These are all great questions. If you haven’t been to a baptism before, or haven’t been in a while, you might be wondering what modern etiquette is for gift giving.

Worry no more! Keep on reading to learn about what types of gifts are appropriate for a baptism or christening.

This will help guide you towards the right gift so you will be prepared for any baptisms you are asked to attend in the future.

1. Religious Gifts are Perfect

After all, this is a religious ceremony. A religious gift is perfectly appropriate, and often what is expected, at a baptism.

You might consider getting the child his or her first Bible, for example. You could also consider getting a piece of religious artwork that his or her parents can hang in their bedroom.

This could be a framed Bible verse, a popular prayer, or even a cross.

Are You The Child’s Godparent?

Being asked to be a Godparent is a very big deal. It is both a huge honor and a huge responsibility!

If you were honored with being the child’s Godparent, it is custom to consider giving a larger gift or something that the child can have with them throughout their childhood.

After all, as Godparent, you are serving as a secondary parental figure or ‘mentor’ in the child’s life!

Consider gifting an engraved item with the child’s name, for example, or having a picture of them nicely framed.

You could even consider giving the child a piece of jewelry (as long as she belongs to a family where jewelry is worn) that she will be able to wear once she gets a little bit older.

You are going to be a big part of this child’s life, so consider gifting him or her something that they will be able to have with them for years to come.

3. Money is an Appropriate Gift

If you are wondering if money is acceptable to give as a gift, the answer is yes! Money is commonly given as a gift at baptism.

The closer you are to the child, you might consider giving a slightly larger sum of money (say if you are a grandparent or Godparent).

Another great option to consider is getting the child something like a savings bond that they will hold onto as it will mature as they get older.

They can then cash the bond when they graduate either high school or college.

Not only will this mean your gift will be worth more long term, but it is also a nice gesture that will keep you connected to the child well into his or her future!

As always when it comes to monetary gifts, never feel pressured to give a certain amount of money.

Only give what you feel comfortable with and what you can afford! If you are not able to give a large amount of money, that is perfectly acceptable.

Again, a savings bond is a great option to consider as you are not paying a lot of money, but the bond will appreciate over time, allowing you to give a larger sum with time.

Not to mention, the child will certainly appreciate and remember the gift more if they access it as a recent grad, vs. as a newborn!

4. Consider Going With Tradition

Are you looking to give a traditional gift? While that also includes religious gifts, of course, a traditional baptism gift is actually the gift of silver, as it symbolizes prosperity.

What a wonderful thing to wish for and gift a child with! You may consider getting the child a silver spoon or cup or engraving something like a bracelet that they can wear when they get a little older.

You could also consider getting a silver frame and placing an image from the baptism in it.

This is a wonderful gift that the parents will also love, and that will stay with the child for years to come!

5. Make a Donation to the Church

The religious part of the baptism or christening ceremony is sure to take place at the family’s church.

While it is not necessary, it is a wonderful gesture to consider giving a donation to the church.

As with a monetary gift to the child, this does not have to be a certain amount, and should only be what you can comfortably afford.

This is a thoughtful way to show your thanks and appreciation to the church that will become a major part of the child’s life as he or she gets older.

You can either give the donation directly to the church or if you do not feel comfortable for some reason, you could give the donation to the child’s parents and they could pass it along to the church.