Christening, Baptism & Communion Gift Ideas

Attending a christening, baptism or a communion is the perfect occasion to celebrate God with your family and friends. Whether you’re one of the Godparents or a guest on this special day, gifting the child is a part of the ceremony. Our christening, baptism or communion gifts ideas guide will help you choose the ideal gift for this religious rite.

10 Things to Consider When Buying a Christening, Baptism, or First Communion Gift

1. Your role

It is pretty much always customary for godparents to bring a gift to their soon-to-be godchild’s birthday. Other than that, though, tradition varies. If you are simply a guest at this event, it’s wise to check in with other attendees and see what they are bringing.

2. It’s not a baby shower

This isn’t the sort of party that you bring diapers and bibs to, though those are always useful. Christenings, baptisms, and first communions are geared toward religious and spiritual gifts, not practical items.

3. Try a local Christian store

If you are unsure what to get, check out your local Christian store. The staff there is likely to have a good sense of what you’re going to need.

4. Books are always good

Board books are always a good idea for babies, and many publishers offer Bible stories in this durable, chew-safe format. Local Christian stores are good places to find these titles.

5. Don’t forget the Good Book

The one fail-safe option for a christening, baptism, or first communion is a children’s Bible. Traditionally, this is a gift given by the godparents, but you can’t have too many copies.

6. Try a Decoration

Picture frames, wall crosses, and figurines are all common gifts at these sorts of events. You’ll want to make sure the frame and figurines are Bible-themed, or at the very least inspirational.

7. Even practical items should keep to the theme

You may choose to buy the family something more practical, such as a blanket or plush toy. Make sure all of these items are Biblical in nature, featuring verses or characters from the stories.

8. Sentimental gifts are good

If there is any occasion to pull out all stops on sentiment, a christening, baptism, or first communion is it. Don’t shy away from inspirational quotes or spiritual statements—this is the perfect place for them.

9. Baby jewelry (Yes, it exists!)

Another common gift at baptisms, christenings, and first communions is jewelry. If the baby’s family is Catholic, a rosary may be in order. If not, anything with a cross is a safe bet.

10. Monetary gifts are traditional

While many of us shy away from cash gifts, given that they have developed a reputation for laziness, it is actually traditional to give money at christenings, baptisms, and first communions. Average gifts range from $50 to $100.

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Unique and Thoughtful Christening, Baptism and Communion Gifts Ideas

Your child is a precious gift to you from God. You want good things for them hence the reason you always peep through the window on the slightest wiggle from your son and daughter.

Christening in one of the single most emphatic spiritual strides your baby will make. It is outright unjustifiable for any parent to deny their little ones of christening. You have already chosen the church, bought the heirloom gown, and contacted the Godparents. What’s next?

Singing “Christmas like” chorals and calling it a day right? Wrong! Let’s admit it not everyone is gifted with the smooth vocals. Your next door neighbor can attest to that sore throat after a brief singing session in the bathroom. Allowing this precious moment to waste away singing somber songs and asking questions like, “ Will he grow up following the righteous ways?” Is an excellent waste of time.

How to Find a Christening Gift That Will be Appreciated in Time

Dust and brace yourself. This world is full of somber parents for you to add to that number.
Some will say it’s way too overboard to anticipate gifts. But come on! You don’t want that kid to hate you for eternity for attending their christening empty handed. Later in life, they may understand that you were strapped for cash and were surviving on a pension but at this age and time, christening gifts possibilities are endless.

Kick into detective mode, come up with the most creative gift that this kid will treasure even when are fully grown. You are too old to be creative you may say. In fact, you go ahead and justify yourself that the closest you ever came to being creative was in your junior high when you completed a somersault.

Get Inspired With Our Christening Gifts Gallery

Hey, christening gifts don’t have to be that complicated. However, just because christening is a religious ceremony, it doesn’t mean the gifts cannot be fun and enjoyable. If you want to stand out from the rest, you can choose one of our christening gifts ideas from our gallery and get inspiration from that. Simple!

And if you have a cohort of friends who have the same predicament, why not invite them to have a look at our gift ideas? Set up yourself for a great shopping experience and enjoy getting the perfect christening gift to that little one.