Gift For Travelers

Most of us have that one family member or friend who quit their job to travel the world or simply like travelling so often that they are more away than at home. They’re the definition of a modern day nomad and their life sounds like a story from an adventure book. So what kind of a gift do you get for a person that has seen almost everything? Well, luckily for you we’ve figured it out. Just scroll through our gifts ideas for travelers and choose the travel gifts that  describes them best.

10 Things to Consider When Buying a Gift for Travelers

1. The kind of travel they do

Are they off on a tour around the globe, always heading into rural areas? Are they often away in big cities on business? Are they a cosmopolitan jet-setter with an eye for style? There are a lot of different kinds of travelers, and they all have different wants and needs.

2. How they pack

Do they have two full-size suitcases or one small backpack? Keep in mind how much your traveler takes with them when they take off, and try not to add too much to their load. Space tends to be tight when you’re on the go.

3. Where they have been

Try to think through this person’s travel history and find the common threads. Do they love going to beaches? To old cities? To off-the-beaten-path villages? Seek out their favorite things and try to find new adventures for them in the same vein.

4. Where they are going next

It’s not feasible for most people to send a traveler off on a trip as their gift. It’s often possible to give them a smaller gift to go along with their next adventure though. Find out where they are headed next and book them a nice dinner, a cool tour, or buy them tickets to a show in that place.

5. What they like to eat

Travelers tend to also be foodies, always ready to try the latest and greatest dish available. Find out what their favorite foods are from their time abroad and find something similar back home. You can treat them to a night out at the best Thai place in town, or head into the nearest city for Ethiopian food.

6. The gear they already have

Many people who travel often are well prepared for the journey, be it by plane, train, or automobile. You are probably going to be replacing an item of theirs that has worn out, or finding a brand new niche in the gear market.

7. What they do when they travel

Is your traveler a museum fiend? A rough-and-tumble outdoor explorer? A fine wine aficionado? Are they always taking pictures or writing blog posts? Support their traveling passions with tours, treats, and transportation that center around these favorite things.

8. What they collect

A lot of travelers have an item they collect from the places that they visit. For some it is shot glasses, for others, it is bottles of wine, and for others, it is playing cards. Try getting something to help them display these items and turn them into a conversation piece in their home.

9. Their travel aesthetic

A well-heeled traveler in the latest couture fashion and a scrappy, homespun backpacker are likely to appreciate different items. If you’re buying travel gear, make sure that it fits in with your traveler’s overall aesthetic and type.

10. The things they love at home

If your traveler can’t get enough of their favorite local treat, or they are always missing a particular brand of coffee, or they can’t do without a specific beauty product, you can help make their travel better. Organize travel sized versions of these favorite items and get them all packed up and ready to go. Your traveler can just throw them in their bag and head out the door with a little piece of home.

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Gifts ideas for Travelers and The Nomad In All of Us

Do you have a traveler in your family? Maybe it’s a close friend of yours, or a couple you met in college. No matter who the person or people are, you know how important traveling is to these individuals. When it comes a birthday or special event, why not get them something that has to do with their favorite activity?

If you know someone who is always traveling the world, it can be so hard to know what to get them. They may not even have the space to keep a lot of things, which only makes your job all that much harder. But that is where we come in! We have come up with this list for this very reason. No matter who the traveler is, our travel gift ideas will be perfect for them.

How to Find the Right Gifts for a Travelers?

Travelers tend to pick up a lot of really unique items from all the places they have visited, so the last thing you want to do is get them something that isn’t original. With a little effort, you can come up with a totally unique gift for travelers that they will love and appreciate. We are sure our list of ideas will lead you to the perfect gift in no time.

Maybe someone you know has a big trip coming up and you want to get them something before they leave. Or, maybe you just know someone with a serious case of wanderlust. No matter the situation, traveling is always a huge part of these peoples’ lives, and it makes for the perfect inspiration when buying a gift.

Even if the travel or travelers you know seem to have everything they need, there is always the opportunity to get them something special that they have never thought of before. Whether it helps them with their travels, helps them display photos or objects from their travels, or just compliments their love for it, we have a wide range of gifts that any traveler is sure to love.

If you are not a traveler yourself and don’t know much about a traveler’s interests, that is okay. We know what travelers like and have compiled this list of the perfect ideas which will be great for any occasion.

No matter your budget, you can find a perfect gift for the traveler that is in your life. If they have a big trip or event coming up, it is time to start shopping. What are you waiting for? Start looking today!