Golf Gifts

Many of us have a friend who is always out on the green, or at least wishes that they were. Our well-curated list of gifts for golf lovers is the perfect place to find a present for the putter in your life.

10 Things to Consider when Buying Gifts for Golfers

1. Why they love golf

What does golf mean to this person? Is it a game they loved growing up and played with their parents? Is it something that struck their fancy in high school? Having this background knowledge is sure to help you on your gift search, adding depth and meaning to the present.

2. How often they play

So, just how into golf is this person? The frequency of their golfing habit will likely tell you a lot about their likes and dislikes in the game. It will also give you a few good ideas for expanding your gift search beyond the basic items, particularly if they are a well-equipped golfer.

3. Where they play

If they are always headed down to the local golf course, try treating them to a meal in the clubhouse. If they have a friend with a course, take them out there for a day. Try to keep the culture of the particular course in mind and dress and plan appropriately.

4. Where they would like to play

True golf fans tend to have dream courses. While a day on the green at one of these places would, of course, be ideal, memorabilia is a great second choice. Support their interests with golf gear or decorations centered around this course.

5. Their golf icons

Who is their hero? Phil Mickelson? Ariya Jutanugarn? Whoever they look up to, support their inspiration. Try a book about the player’s life, or an ionic item that they always wear.

6. Their favorite brands

Many golfers are very loyal to their brands of clothing, shoes, golf balls, and clubs. If you are going to purchase any of these items, it is a good idea to know what they like before you head to the store.

7. Their favorite colors

Whether they are into citrus colored brights, jewel toned hues, or neutral palettes, a golfer’s color scheme tends to be fairly important to them. Keep an eye on their golfing wardrobe and try to fit your purchases within range of colors that they already wear.

8. Their height

Most golf gear tends to be highly customized. If you are going to be purchasing clothing or clubs, you will need to know the individual’s exact height. Without this information, it is very easy for the fit to go astray.

9. Their age

There are some fairly major generational differences in golf gear, particularly in terms of wardrobe. If you are a golfer yourself, it will be tempting to buy them something that you yourself would enjoy. While this is not a bad idea, just make sure to account for any age difference that may be present.

10. Their technological savvy

There are a whole lot of great tools and apps out there to help golfers improve their game. From swing analyzers to progress trackers, it is easy to hook up your friend with some data-driven help. Make sure they know how to run it first though, or they’ll be in a bad way.

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Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons Book: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf Like 0
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Collegiate Hat Clip and Two Ball Markers Like 0
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Well Researched Gifts for Golf Lovers

Many of us have an all-out, committed golf fan in our lives—in fact, they are probably already busy prepping for the next big tournament. You can support this person’s passion for the sport with our fantastic gift ideas for golf lovers. No matter who their golf icon is, your gift recipient is sure to appreciate the thought and specifics inherent in all of these presents!

Golf tends to bond people together in unique and amazing ways, with the spirit of the sport running high. Help support not only a passion for sport but also emerging relationships with a golf themed gift. Try throwing a viewing party for the next big tournament or support your friend’s favorite golfer with specially purchased gear. Whether it is a birthday, christmas, or other holiday, a golf themed gift is always appropriate for someone who is never too far away from the green.

If you know someone who always has the golf tour on TV, you can reach out and build relationship with a golf related gift. If your best friend is always headed off to the golf course, support their appreciation for the sport with training gear. If you and your family are always out on the course yourselves, invest in some high quality golf equipment to keep your swing in top notch condition. Whoever your loved ones are, their appreciation of golf is a great thing to cheer on.

What Does a Golf Lover Want?

Some of us are clueless when it comes to sports. If that is you, don’t worry! Our highly curated gift lists are here to help you out. We have great suggestions for the golf lover in your life, no matter what their style or who their favorite player is. Even if you know next to nothing about how golf works, you can actually pick out a golf related gift that will surely be appreciated by the fan that you are buying for.

All Price Ranges, All Budgets

Most of us can't pay for tickets to the tournament. That's the reason why we scoured the internet for original gifts for all pockets!