Different Printed Mix Color Hoodie

Is your daughter or granddaughter ready for fall and a new school year? This sweatshirt is a must-have addition to her closet. It is unique and boasts individuality. This is the perfect sweater to keep on hand for getting cold at school or fall bonfires, hanging out or movie nights. It can be dressed up or down easily with a pair of leggings, sweatpants, or even dark wash jeans.

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Detailed information about Different Printed Mix Color Hoodie

This is a three-toned sweat-shirt that has the word ‘Different’ printed on the front of it. This is classy, unique, and stylish. Individuality and word prints are both very in right now (and hopefully individuality will stay in), so this sweater is perfect. It comes in two different colors so you can match it with different outfits. Each sweater has three color stripes. The first one is pink, white, and grey. The second color set is navy, white, and red.