Gift Ideas For Photographers

Our gifts for photographers guide will help you find the perfect gift for the photographer in your life. Whether they are just starting out, or run their own business, you can be sure to find something that will be just right. Photography is one of the most popular forms of art these days, and with good reason! These true artists can capture any emotion in a single image. No words needed. The beautiful works of art they put together is incredible. Whether it is a landscape shot, wedding images, and everything in between, photographers work incredibly hard to bring their visions to life through their works of art. So- what do you get for the photographer in your life? You might think all a photographer needs is their camera (and sometimes that is true!) or something artsy but believe it or not, there are a lot of items that can help an artist bring their photographs to the next level.

10 Things to Consider When Getting Gifts for Photographers

1. Their Instagram Feed

You are going to get a great sense of someone’s interests through their Instagram account, and if your photography-oriented friend has internet access, it’s pretty much a guarantee that they have an account.

Scope out what they like to do, be it shopping trips in the city or long hikes in the mountains, and shop accordingly.

2. Where They Live

You’re going to want to take a person’s location into consideration. Do they have a big property out in the country, or are they living in a cute little apartment downtown?

The amount of space they have, and the sort of photographer that they are, is likely to vary in tandem with this fact.

3. How Serious They Are

What level of photographer is your friend? Are they a professional regularly featured on blogs and in magazines, or are they a hobbyist with a budding passion for the art form?

The level of training and commitment this photographer has should be taken into account.

4. What They Know

For the beginning photographer, a how-to book or photography course could be a wonderful gift.

For the more experienced professional, any training you might find for them would have to be pretty specific.

Keep their knowledge base in mind as you browse through bookstores and class lists.

5. Their Subject Matter

A wedding and portrait photographer is going to want something much different than an international photojournalist or a wildlife photographer.

There are no two careers alike, so it is a good idea to keep the daily life and circumstances of your gift recipient in mind.

6. Their Aesthetic

Are they romantic? A minimalist? Rugged, or maybe sartorial? If you are looking to get them a gift that is in any way aesthetically oriented, be it a camera bag, camera strap, or themed decor, you’ll want to make sure that it fits with their overall style.

7. Their Supplies

How well-equipped is this photographer friend of yours? Do they have every lens, filter, camera strap, and editing software in the world, or are they just starting out with one camera and an account of a free photo-editing website?

Make sure you are aware of their inventory before you start purchasing duplicate items.

8. Who They Look Up To

Like many artists, photographers tend to have a few heroes in their chosen medium.

Ask a few sly questions, and you may discover some of your friend’s major inspirations.

Find them a few gifts that are made by or about one of these Greats, and you are all set.

9. Travel Time

One often-overlooked point of a photographer’s life is that many of them wind up spending many long hours in transit. Long car rides call for audiobooks, podcasts, and lots of coffee.

They are sure to appreciate anything that makes those drives more bearable.

10. Whether or Not They Enjoy Puns

While it may seem a bit silly, this can be an important point.

Many photography-themed items involve puns, and if they happen to hate them, you’ll want to steer clear.

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Researched Gift Ideas for Photographers

Do you know a photographer? Is it their birthday or anniversary coming up? Or, is it the holiday season and you are looking for the best gift for a photographer? Look no further. We have got a great list of gifts for photographers out there.

Gifts big and small, and for all types of people and for those of all ages, we have got you covered.

Our team has created these perfect gift guides that will save you tons of time and energy when it comes time to start shopping.

Photographers are incredibly artistic people that love the work that they do.

Whether they are a professional photographer, or simply do it as a hobby, this is typically a very important part of their life.

For that reason, come the holiday season or their birthday, it makes sense to get them the perfect gift that compliments this love of this art!

Should You Give Your Wedding Photographer a Gift?

A wedding photographer is one of the most important people that day. Trust us, your wedding day will go by so quick, and you will absolutely want (and need!) images to look back and remember everything that happened.

It is a very emotional day, and ensuring that every moment is photographed and remembered forever could not be more important.

As a result of that, many couples wonder if they need to get someone so important a gift.

You typically get your wedding party gifts, possibly your parents, perhaps your officiant, but what about your wedding photographer? It is a great question, especially given how important they are.

If you are struggling to figure out what the right etiquette is, you aren’t alone! Here are our best tips for how to decide if you should (or how you should) get them a gift or otherwise thank them for all of their hard work on your big day.

1. Be sure to give them a meal

This is the absolute minimum and a requirement. You cannot expect your photographer to work all day long for you without eating!

Be sure when you give your caterer your final guest total that you include your vendors, which would include your photographer.

Make sure to include them so that they are taken care of and can enjoy your delicious food while they have a spare moment.

Don’t worry, they are used to eating quickly so they don’t miss major moments.

2. Write them a great review

This is truly one of the best gifts that you can get for your photographer. Having great reviews is one of the best ways to ensure they get hired again.

Think back to when you booked your photographer - did you look at their reviews? We know you did- everyone does and for good reason!

Make sure you take the time to write out a thoughtful review - don’t just leave 5 stars and no comment.

In addition to leaving reviews at all the main places, be sure to also shout them out and tag them on social media!

Your photographer is sure to have an Instagram page, so be sure to tag them in any posts you put up.

3. Send them a thank you note

Truthfully, a thank you note can go a really long way and is very appreciated.

Wedding photographers do work incredibly hard to make sure your day is documented just the way you want it.

They work long hours, they travel to where you are and spend a lot of time to make sure everything is perfect.

After all their hard work, the least you can do is write them a thank you note to show that you really do appreciate all that they did for you.

4. Refer all your family and friends

Similar to sharing them on social media, make sure if you see that a friend or family member is engaged to reach out and let them know how great your photographer was!

Trying to narrow down a long list of possible photographers can be stressful, but getting a direct referral from a friend can go a long way and can help someone decide to go with your photographer instead of a random one on a long list. Did you hire some vendors based on personal recommendations?

There’s a good chance you did, so make sure you do that to help out other stressed-out engaged couples!

Not only will it save them time, but it also helps out your photographer and gives them a new client. Everyone wins!

5. Consider giving a tip

Finally, if you do feel like you want to get your photographer an actual tangible gift, consider tipping them.

Keep in mind that this is totally optional, but it is something to consider if you feel like you want to get them something.

Most photographers will not expect to be tipped (as let’s face it, wedding photography is expensive, so having to give more money doesn’t always feel like an option!)

If you want to get them a small token of appreciation, consider giving them one of your wedding favors.

You already have to have a lot of those ready, so giving out one more will not be a big financial investment, but is something simple and sweet you could give them at the end of the night.

Alternatively, you could also consider getting them whatever you got your bridesmaids or groomsmen for their gifts.

Oftentimes you can get a discount if you purchase multiples of an item, so consider adding one more item on, it may not be that expensive to do so.