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Coffee lovers are their own breed of people. It should be easy to buy gifts for a coffee lover, but it can be pretty challenging. Coffee lovers are awesome people and there is almost an infinite number of gifts for them. Use this list of considerations and the gifts below to help narrow down your search to help find the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life.

10 Things to Consider When Looking for Gifts for Coffee Lovers

1. Their level of love for coffee

There is a huge difference between someone whose life depends on coffee and a person who has a cup in the morning to wake up a little. For some people coffee is their passion.

2. The type of coffee they drink

The possibilities of coffee making are endless. They may drink it straight or add a bunch of flavors and creamer. This distinction could help guide you in the right direction on a gift.

3. They probably have enough mugs

The go to gift for a coffee lover is a mug, but everyone thinks that. So, stay away from mugs to make your gift unique and something they will actually use. Unless the mug has time travelling capabilities or something, a mug is probably not the way to go.

4. They know the kind of coffee they like

Coffee drinkers know their coffee. They know the difference in quality, and they have their go to flavors and brands. Keep this in mind. Usually, purchasing coffee itself for a coffee lover isn’t always the best because it may not be a kind they like.

5. How they like their coffee brewed

The different types of coffee brew can be a major indicator for a great gift. There is the classic brew, drip coffee, and cold brew. Most people are not willing to sway from their go-to type of brewing. So, for someone who likes classically brewed coffee, getting them something to make drip coffee with might not be the most useful.

6. Their personality

Personality, obviously, plays a huge part in gift giving. Some people are outgoing and bubbly, others more reserved. Use your coffee lover’s other traits to help pick a gift.

7. They have other passions

Tying in other hobbies or passions is a great idea and can make an awesome and dynamic gift. Do they love gardening? Reading? Writing? Sports? Their pets? A certain movie or TV show? All great things to include in a gift for a coffee lover.

8. Don’t break the bank

The coffee lover in your life will enjoy and appreciate any gift they get. You do not have to invest your life savings into the perfect gift for them because the perfect gift is always a gift from the heart.

9. Your Relationship

Is the coffee lover your best friend? Or is it your mom? The role your coffee lover plays in your life is a great starting point for finding gifts.

10. The Occasion and the Climate

Is the gift for a holiday? Or maybe just a ‘thinking of you gift?’ Either way taking into account the occasion is a great idea. Even take into consideration the climate. If they live somewhere with snow versus on a beach, types of gifts can look very different.

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One of a Kind Gifts for Coffee Lovers

That highly caffeinated friend of yours is sure to be bouncing off the walls no matter what gift you give them, but is still always nice to find the perfect thing. There is no shortage of coffee-related goods, and it is almost a guarantee that you will find just the right gift for coffee lovers in your life. There is something here for everyone—even the ones who mostly drink hot milk and call it coffee.

There are a lot of opinions out there in coffee-lover land, so you’ll want to be fairly certain that you know your gift recipient’s preferences before you go buying any actual coffee for them. If you don’t know what sort of notes they like or how dark their usual roast is, you can stick with the associated items. There are endless combinations of coffee grinders, coffee cups, and coffee brewing accessories to be had, so don’t shy away. If your gift recipient is into puns and cute sayings, there is also a plethora of house decor that will help feed their addiction to the bean.

No matter what sort of item you choose to give your coffee lover, it is a token of appreciation that is sure to be well received. We understand that you may feel like finding an original coffee related gift a real challenge, our gift guide for coffee lovers is a great place to start searching.

What type of gift to give a coffee lover?

Coffee lovers will be happy with whatever helps them better consume their favorite drink. Give them a cup to hold it, a machine to brew it, or a sign to publically appreciate it by and you are good to go. Coffee gifts also tend to be just about right for pretty much anyone drinking coffee in general. You will find gifts aimed at biker-coffee-lovers, hipster-coffee-lovers, suburban-dad-coffee-lovers, and so on and so forth.

When looking for a coffee related gift, always remember that you are really just buying a gift for another person, not yourself. You don’t necessarily have to like the kind of coffee that you buy them, or the aesthetic of the poster. What matters is that the person who is receiving the gift feels that they were thought of and cared for.