Spectacles by Snapchat

You know how in some spy or secret agent movies, the main spy has these really cool looking spy glasses that can do some secret stuff like record videos and take pictures? It would be pretty cool to have those spy goggles, so a company by the name of Snapchat has decided to make it a reality. If you are not familiar with the company Snapchat, they are behind the app called Snapchat where you can take a picture, post it to your friends, and then within 24 hrs, it disappears completely. We want to show you what they made, so we present to you the Spectacles!

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Detailed information about Spectacles by Snapchat

Spectacles are not your ordinary sunglasses - they are also so much more. With spectacles, you can now record videos and take pictures with your glasses! However even though it seems cool, and trust us it's cool, there's catch. Spectacles work directly in correlation with the app Snapchat. So if you don't have snapchat and never use it, then these glasses are definitely not for you. With the glasses, you can take up to 30 seconds of video just like in snapchat as well as you can take pictures. The snaps and videos you take will automatically then be saved from the glasses into memories inside of the Snapchat app. Spectacles can be bought in the colors Red, Teal, or Black. The recording is done in HD, and if you want the videos or snaps saved to your photo album, you can easily do so within the Snapchat app. On a full charge, the glasses can capture up to 100 snaps before needing to be charged up again. In the whole package, you receive the spectacles, a cable for charging, case, cleaning cloth and info on warranty. Spectacles only work with ios and Android phones.