Comfy Mermaid Tail Blanket

Whether it is summer, spring or winter, there will always be those chilly nights. Out of nowhere, it gets so cold when you least expect. You, therefore, need a blanket to keep you warm and your family when such nights check in.

You can find many types of quilts on the market, but your selection depends on your taste and preference. If you love knitted items, then you should consider getting this special blanket from LAGHCAT.

The blanket is made of 70% Orlon and 30 % cotton. The combination ensures the blanket last long while providing the warmth that you require.

The package comes with one mermaid blanket, one casual daypack, and a silver color necklace. The back of the blanket is open to help you place it on while the bottom is closed to keep your feet in there.

Perfect gift idea for all teenage girls out there!

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Detailed information about Comfy Mermaid Tail Blanket

The blanket is suitable for use with children. You can use it to warm the house during summer and keep your kids out of the cold during winter.

It is advisable to wash the blanket separately for the first time. You can soak in the machine and dry on low temperature.

The package can be an excellent gift idea for kid's birthdays and other occasions as well.


Super Comfortable

Perfect for kids and adults too