Poweradd Power Bank Portable Charger

Have you ever been out, when all of a sudden, you check your phone and it’s at 1% or even worse, dead? It’s the worst when you’re traveling and you miss being able to capture that perfect sunset picture by the Eiffel Tower or the majestic mountains in Norway. But now, there’s a product that can save your phone, allowing you to capture that picture worthy moment!

The Poweradd Slim 2 Portable Charger is fabulous for traveling and even for everyday use. Its design is ultra-compact and lightweight, which is perfect for when on the go. And the small size doesn’t sacrifice the functionality of the product. The Poweradd Slim 2 features a 2.1A output current so devices can charge faster and you can get right back to using your phone. When the Poweradd is fully charged it can deliver up to two full charges to an iPhone 6 and one full charge for an iPhone 6 Plus or a Galaxy Note. It is compatible with most Apple and Android smartphones, as well as other 5V USB-chargeable devices.

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Detailed information about Poweradd Power Bank Portable Charger

Simply plug the portable charger into the wall with a power adapter and wait until it’s fully charged. Then remove it and bring it with you, on the go. When your phone runs low on battery, plus it into the portable charger and wait until your phone is fully charged. LED display lights on the Poweradd indicate when it is charging and when it has finished. The LED’s also let the user know how much power is left in the charger itself.

Its slim design allows it to be comfortable taken when traveling. It can easily fit into a pocket or bag, without being bulky or taking up too much space. This doesn’t just mean traveling internationally. It’s great for days when you’ll be out of the house for a long time and won’t be anywhere near an outlet. Take it to work or to the bars and you’ll never have to worry about your phone dying at inconvenient moments.