Gifts for Wine Lovers

Whether they consider themselves to be a “wino” or a fine wine connoisseur, anyone who is a fan of fermented grapes is sure to appreciate a well chosen, wine-related gift. Many people have very specific tastes when it comes to wine, so it’s a good idea to do your homework ahead of time.

10 things to Consider when Buying Gifts for Wine Lovers

1. Their preferences

Some people have a distaste for anything too sweet, while others revel in the more sugary dessert wines. Some people get a headaches from red wine and others aren’t fans of white. You’ll want to get a sense of your gift recipient's taste before you purchase them a bottle or two.

2. Their favorites

Poke around in the fridge and wine cellar and see what gets repeated. These are likely to be some standing favorites, and should give you a good sense of what to buy. It doesn’t just have to be wine either! It could be cheeses and crackers that pair well, or maybe a decoration from the winery that produces the favorite bottle.

3. Their location

What is the closest wine country to where your gift recipient lives? A day trip is always welcome for most people, and a day trip with wine is a perennial favorite. Try sending them off for a day to sip and savor the flavors of a local winery or two.

4. Their favorite foods

If your gift recipient is a major fan of a particular dish, they are likely to be eating it fairly often. You can’t go wrong pairing a bottle of wine with their favorite meal.

5. Their parties

Many wine lovers are big party throwers. If your gift recipient happens to fall into this category, it could be a fantastic idea to help support their party throwing habit. Try providing serving dishes or big collections of wine glasses for starters.

6. Their price range

While it is you who will be buying the gift, it is a good idea to keep your gift recipient's typical budget in mind. This is particularly true if you are buying a bottle of wine. Wine is one of those things where taste is genuinely quite attached to price, and you won’t want to throw off their palette with something unexpected.

7. Their favorite stores

If you can’t decide what to get your wine lover, a gift card is always a safe bet. Try to find out where it is that they tend to purchase their wine and support the habit with a card.

8. Their favorite wineries

If your gift recipient has a few local favorites, it might be a wonderful idea to buy them a bottle or two from that location. Experiences are always great gifts as well, so you may want to plan a trip out to the winery itself and go along with them, picking out the bottle of wine together.

9. Their favorite bars

Wine bars are a growing trend and tend to be quite fun. Scout out a local spot that your friend enjoys or might enjoy, and plan a night out together. You might also consider a gift card to the wine bar.

10. Their favorite restaurants

Wine is almost always better with food. Keep in mind that a dinner out with a glass of wine might be even more enjoyable than a few bottles at home. Send your gift recipient out on a date night or a friend night with a gift card to their favorite local spot.

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Not Your Usual Gifts for Wine Lovers

We all have that friend who is rarely seen without a glass of wine in their hands and has a cellar fully stocked with delicious bottles of drink. This gourmet connoisseur is sure to appreciate a wide variety of wine-related gifts and, of course, just about any bottle of well-chosen wine. Even if you don’t know the first thing about wine, wine country, or wineries, you can still select the perfect gift for your wine-loving friend. Have a look through our gift guides for wine lovers and you are sure to see the perfect present for your loved one.

Wine has a way of bringing people together, and many people have a group that they regularly enjoy the fruit of the vine with. Whether you are a part of such a group or not, it is likely that your wine-loving friend is. Help support their relationships with fun and unique wine-related gifts. TRy a new bottle of wine, a fancy pourer, or some new trick for aerating the drink. Bring along a bottle of cheer to the next party you attend for this person—be it a birthday, going away, or graduation celebration. With wine lovers, you can never go wrong supporting their passion for the vine.

If your best friend always has a glass of wine in hand, or your sibling is always taking you along on day trips to local wineries, you can be fairly certain that a wine-related gift will please them greatly. If you aren’t sure of their specific tastes in wine itself, you can always support the habit with tasting sessions or high-quality accessories such as decanters and wine glasses. If they are more on the cutesy side, there are plenty of funny wine posters and coasters on the market.

What Type of Gift to Get a Wine Lover?

Many of us have little knowledge about the finer points of wine and wine tasting. Even if you have never had a glass of the fruit of the vine, you can still pick out the perfect gift for the connoisseur in your life. Our well chosen lists of wine-related gifts are sure to please a wide variety of wine appreciators. Have a look around and keep an eye out for things that you think your friend might like.

This wine lover could be your spouse, best friend, sibling, parent, or even co-worker—there is something wine-related that is sure to please each and every one of these demographics. Just about any well-chosen gift is sure to bring a smile to the face of the connoisseur in your life.

No Need to Break the Bank

We certainly can’t all afford a top-shelf bottle of wine. That’s why we have carefully selected high quality gifts in a variety of price ranges. If you are buying gifts on a shoestring budget or the sky's the limit, we have suggestions for you. No matter how much money you have in your wallet, you can find the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life.