Gifts for Teenage Boys

Teenage boys can be quite a handful, even more when they don't like what you got them for their birthday or a special occasion. When gifting something, we always aim to please so it's just natural that you do want to find a gift that will plaster a nice big smile on that teenage boy of yours. Our gallery of teenage boys gift ideas includes something for every kind out teenager out there; no matter what he likes, we bet we got something special to match his favorite sports, hobbies, movies and music. So sit down, relax, get a cup of coffee and start browsing our teenage boy gifts gallery or for girls right here. By the way, we stock items in all price ranges, so no worries about getting something for all types of budgets.

10 Things to Consider When Buying a Gift for a Teenage Boy

1. Get something fit for their age

Sometimes when it comes to boys, people tend to get gifts that are either too childish or too mature. When it comes to getting an age appropriate gift it’s best to either get something fit for their age or just a little more mature. This doesn’t have to be something extravagant and can be as simple as a nice, good quality leather wallet.

2. Find out what they like

Teenage boys, interests are all over the place and can be anywhere from scholastic to sports. To make sure you get them something they actually like, talk to them and find out what it is they like. Some boys tend to get really interested in franchises like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings which is perfect for trying to find a gift. Once you know what they like it’ll be much easier to narrow down your search.

3. Get something related to their hobbies

Finding out what their hobbies are, is another great way to get something they like as well as something they will use. Many boys pick up sports like football or soccer so getting them something related to that is sure to go a long way and you know it’ll be used instead of put off to the side. And this works for any boy and any hobby!

4. Check out their social media accounts

Almost every teenager these days has some type of social media account whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. which they use to post about their lives. If it’s hard to find out what he likes from talking to him, browsing through his social media will definitely give you some ideas. They always post pictures or statuses showing what they’re doing or even things that they want. This is perfect if you really want to surprise them with something!

5. Consider something they can use everyday

It can be easy to get them something they like that is kind of a knick knack and will end up sitting somewhere collecting dust. If you don’t want that to happen, consider getting them something they can use everyday. If they’re younger this can be something fun like a game or fun school supplies and if they’re older something they can use as an adult or in college is fabulous.

6. Be thoughtful

As with every gift, it should be thoughtful. When you put in effort into finding a gift it shows and it goes a longer way than just picking something random. By finding out what they like and trying to get something you know they will use or something that will be helpful in their life, you show them that you actually care about them and that you took the time to find out a little bit about them. This is actually very important to teens even though they try to seem like they don’t care.

7. Encourage creativity

Sometimes people think that creativity is for girls and not boys, but this is so untrue! Boys are just as creative as girls and sometimes even more so. Think about getting a gift that inspires their creativity whether it’s through art, building (advanced Legos, rockets) or even experiments. Creativity doesn’t just have to be in art, in can be in every aspect of life. Try finding a gift that lets them be creative with their interests or hobbies. This will promote learning growth and help them be an outside thinker when they are older.

8. Think about your past

If you’re a man think about what gifts you wanted when you were younger. Often times, these things don’t change over time and if you get something you wanted, they will probably enjoy it as well. It’s also a great way to get something unique! Sometimes major stores stop selling older products so they can make room for newer brands but newer doesn’t always mean better. If you get them something older there’s a higher chance that it will be completely different from anything you can find today making it more special.

9. It should be well made and durable

Boys are usually rough with their things so whatever gift you get them, it should be made of high quality material and durable. This way they don’t have to worry about being careful with the gift and it will last them for a lifetime!

10. Consider if they can use it in the future

When getting a gift consider how you want it to be used. There are gifts that are fun but will only be used for a couple years and then put away and there are other gifts that can be used well into the future. If you want the gift to be used for a while, consider getting them something they can still use in the future. This is more helpful for them and you know that you’re not getting some flimsy, unthoughtful present.

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Boys can be difficult but getting them a cool gift they’ll enjoy doesn’t have to be. If you browse through our gifts for teenage boys, it will be easier to find a gift that they will enjoy for years to come. And remember, above all else, get them something that is related to their interests and their life. This shows that you care and that you took the time to be interested in them. And to make gift getting even easier, we have a wide range of items listed, for all budgets.

Not All Teenage Boys Are into Technology

These days it seems all boys are into is technology, whether it’s their phone, iPad or video games. But this is actually far from the truth! While boys do enjoy playing games on their computer or console they also enjoy other activities such as sports or playing an instrument. In fact, during their teenage years is when boys start picking up different skills like playing guitar or participating in soccer.

If you want to nurse these skills and help them improve on them then consider getting them a teenage boy gift related to that specific interest. For example, if they are learning to play guitar get them a high quality tuner or even a cool guitar case so they can bring their guitar with them wherever they go. If you simply assume that all they want to do is be on social media or play games, then you may end up causing them to give up their interests for a game console. Technology, when used in the right way and in moderation can be a great thing but teens need more than a screen. They need something tangible that they can interact with and something that will teach them a new skill. It’s been scientifically proven that learning a new skill, such as a sport increase intelligent and helps change the way we learn and process things. Use fun and unique gifts to help promote these skills and you’ll be setting that boy up for a bright future!

Why Old School Gifts Are Perfect for Teenage Boys These Days

Vintage items are becoming the new style with everyone these days. It may be nostalgia for the past and it may be that you simply just can’t find old school items that easily anymore. But, they’re the perfect way to get a teenage boy something completely unique that no one will have! Vintage things are also usually made with high-quality materials and will therefore last longer than most items made today. Which is fabulous for boys who have a tendency to break or destroy things easily!

But, wouldn’t they be more interested in things made today? Surprisingly no. Things made in this day and age are mass-produced and easily accessible which means that everyone can and usually has one. And while for some boys this is exactly what they want, many others are turning to the past. These old school items have a certain quality that just isn’t found in today’s fashion or manufacturing and it’s this quality that makes them so special. Take a look around our teenage boy gift ideas and you’re bound to find something that catches your eye or for an even easier present find something their grandparents used to use. Heirlooms are even more special because they’ve stayed in the family and your teenage boy is sure to find it super cool they’re using something a grandparent or even a great grandparent used when they were his age!