Funny Gag Gifts

Endless browsing for gifts can be a real drag, especially if you’re looking for a rather unconventional gift. Our funny gag gifts should do the trick for all the jokers out there. We have collected the wackiest items we could find, so just choose the one that suits your humor best and go make them laugh. Below you will find the best selection for funny gag gifts so don't waste time and start laughing. We meant browsing!

How to Make Sure a Gag Gift Goes Down Well

So you’ve decided you want to get someone a wacky present. Maybe it’s your goofball coworker, the class clown, or your sibling.

Maybe it’s even your spouse! No matter who it is, most people often feel a little bit of hesitation when it comes to a jokester pick.

If you have decided you want to go for the jokester type of present, there are some simple ‘guidelines’ to follow that will help make sure it goes down well. Wondering what they are? We’ve got them! Let’s dive right in.

1. Make it practical as well as funny

A great way to pull off such a gift is to make it actually something useful. Not only will they have a good laugh, but they can also actually put the gift to good use later.

This could be some useful items for the kitchen that have funny sayings on them or something like a USB drive or keychain that looks like something totally different.

At first, it seems like just something to laugh about, but then when they realize they can actually use it, they will totally love it!

This is a great way to ensure the item is appreciated and goes down well. It isn’t just a useless item to laugh at and toss aside, there is some thought involved with it so that they can use it in the future. It’s perfect!

2. Avoid on certain occasions

Valentine’s Day? Not a great time. Your anniversary? Not the best. Birthdays are typically a safe time to go for the gift or something like a graduation party.

Special occasions that are meant to be just between you and your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend are seriously risky times to go for this type of present.

We recommend saving it for another time unless you want to accidentally ruin the evening!

Mother’s Day is another major holiday that we think is best to focus on other items!

3. Make sure you know their sense of humor

The key to a good jokester present is that it is something that the person on the receiving end will think is funny - not what you think is funny! Do they appreciate more adult or inappropriate humor?

If they don’t, an inappropriate item is an easy way to accidentally offend them instead of making them laugh. What about bathroom humor?

People tend to either love it or hate it. If you aren’t sure, don’t risk it. Your hilarious gift can turn into an awkward moment really quickly.

Instead, think about what their sense of humor is and get them an item that fits their personality.

That way, even if you don’t particularly find it funny, you know they will, and that’s what giving a gift is all about!

4. Give it at the right time

Make sure you give the present at the right moment so that it really has a chance to be appreciated.

If you are at a birthday party, maybe don’t give it while some older adults are around that may not appreciate it as much. Save it for later!

5. Follow it up with a ‘real’ gift

Getting the laugh from the gift is great, but you don’t want them to then have their feelings hurt that you didn’t put some thought into getting them an actual present.

Follow it up with their real gift and there’s no chance of them feeling that way.

The thing about extreme gifts is just that, they are supposed to be funny but aren’t supposed to be seen as a real pick to get someone for their birthday or other special occasions.

Make sure you put some thought into getting them an actual present as well so that they feel appreciated on their special day.

Funny Gag Ideas That Will Make You Laugh Your "Ehm" Off

Sometimes you just need good funny gag gifts. The last thing you want to do is show up with a gift that is supposed to be funny that just misses the mark. Don’t let that happen!

Take a look at our collection of gift ideas and take the stress out of shopping for the perfect pick.

You can never go wrong with giving someone the gift of laughter. Whether you want to make your sibling laugh on their birthday, surprise your best friend at Christmas, or are just looking to cheer someone up, a unique pick is a perfect way to make it happen.

It isn’t about spending a lot of money, but rather taking the time to find the perfect idea that is sure to make someone laugh.

How to Find a Truly Original Item

Are you shopping for a first-time mother or a recent college grad? Have your parents just retired, or your sister just got married? These big life events are exciting and deserve to be celebrated.

Thoughtful gifts are great, but sometimes you need to get an item as well just to make the moment that much more memorable and fun.

Whether there is a special event coming up, or you just know someone in need of a good laugh, gag gifts can always save the day.

No matter the personality of the person you are shopping for, you can find a gift that will be appropriate, but still outrageously funny.

Affordable and Peculiar

No matter your budget, and especially considering that gag gifts tend to be more affordable anyways, you will be able to find something perfect by looking through our list of ideas. What are you waiting for - start shopping today!

10 Awesome & Practical Gag Gift Ideas

While these are always good for a laugh, the truth is they are often short-lived items that never get much use. That seems pretty wasteful if you ask us!

Instead, why not consider one of these practical items? Still totally funny, these items also serve an actual purpose and can be used long after the laughter subsides.

1. Mugs

People have truly thought of everything when it comes to mugs. From funny sayings to hilarious designs, there is an enormous range of options out there.

Best of all, you’ll be able to use the mug each and every morning! Perfectly practical and equally hilarious, a mug is a perfect pick that will have people laughing each and every morning.

2. Stationary

While it seems like everything has gone digital these days, sometimes you just need to scribble something down on paper. Why not have some hilarious stationery to write on?

With the perfect witty header or humorous background design, you’ll have a smile on your face every time you go to write something down.

Perfect for those who work in an office and want to add a little humor to their desk decor.

3. Magnets

Want to display something on your refrigerator? You’ll need a magnet! Typically thought of as a boring necessity, why not lighten things up with a hilarious magnet that makes the perfect item, that you’ll actually get some use out of.

Use at home or at your desk filing cabinet, these magnets can make for a great conversation starter (or just inspire a laughing attack!).

4. Koozies

A koozie is a perfect invention for keeping your soda or beer cool and keeping your hand nice and dry.

It also happens to be the perfect place for putting a hilarious design or saying.

5. Socks

Who would have thought that socks make the perfect billboard? They do! “If you can read this, bring wine.” That is just one of an endless array of options you have when choosing the perfect pair of socks.

Your friend or family member will enjoy using them during the cooler months and are sure to get a good chuckle each time they put them on.

From funny sayings or unique designs, you have plenty of options when it comes to socks. Who knew they could be so fun?

6. Adult Coloring Book

Coloring books are all the rage these days. No, seriously! Thankfully, there are plenty of hilarious (and possibly inappropriate) options out there to choose from.

Sure, you could get a nice book filled with floral designs, or you could get one that is a bit more unique (like say this one that is filled with all your favorite curse words).

7. Games

Game nights don’t have to be boring. Turns out, there are plenty of hilarious options out there that will make for the perfect item that everyone will love to play.

From tweaks to classic games that make them exceptionally more fun, to totally unique games that will have you belly laughing all night, games are the classic pick that will bring enjoyment to everyone involved.

8. Bumper Sticker

You’ve thought to accessorize your office and your home, but what about your car? The bumper sticker is the classic car accessory, but who says they have to actually be classic?

Sure, showing off your college logo is great, but why not have some fun? Bumper stickers make for excellent picks - but only for those bold enough to actually place them on their car!

9. Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners seemingly came out of nowhere and become one of the most popular toys that people of all ages enjoyed.

Since the initial craze has worn off, a fidget spinner now seems like much more of a gag gift than it used to. Don’t totally laugh it off, though!

Turns out, fidget spinners actually are incredibly relaxing and are perfect for the person who can’t stop, well...fidgeting.

10. Costume Mask

There are some pretty hilarious masks out there. And no, we aren’t talking about the masks you apply when you are having a spa night.

We are talking zombie heads, dogs, old men and women, and a lot more. Don’t just laugh and throw the gift aside, however! This is a perfect pick that will make the perfect costume idea come Halloween.

Sometimes finding the perfect costume idea can be incredibly frustrating. This gift will give someone the perfect idea - it’s almost like you are giving two gifts in one!

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