PIZZA SOCKS BOX: 4 pairs (MIX Hawaii Italian Pepperoni)

You know someone who really enjoys eating pizza all the time? Well, you certainly do, and that shouldn’t even be a question. Pizza is addictive and if you think about it, everyone loves it, from kids to seniors. Apart from the tasty bit of loving pizza, how about gifting some pizza-themed items?

You could get a variety of outfits and accessories with the theme to gift a good friend of yours or perhaps a family member for a special occasion. For the love of it, you could get pizza socks for you and your peers too. This Pizza Socks Box should be your family’s favorite and would make such a lovely gift for them.

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Detailed information about PIZZA SOCKS BOX: 4 pairs (MIX Hawaii Italian Pepperoni)

The set comes with four pairs of socks, each representing a pizza type. They are all colorful and suit any outgoing person.  The fun bit is that they come in a pizza box to complete the pizza theme.

They are easy to pair with your jeans or any other casual outfit. If you want some for your family, you could all wear them on those pizza nights together. They are made of 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, and 3% elastane. This combination contributes to comfort, maintenance, and ease of use.