Hostess Gifts

Sometimes, finding a good hostess gift ideas can be near impossible. Yes, bringing wine over is a standard gift, but they will never remember who brought the wine or even remember if it was a gift or just a bottle they bought for themselves. Getting a meaningful hostess gift may be challenging, but it is very worth it in the end.

10 Things to Consider When Buying a Gifts for a Hostess

1. Their personality

Personality always plays a major factor in gift giving. Everyone is different and is the first step to finding a great gift.

2. The type of event

Some people host tea parties and book clubs while others host grill outs or parties for big athletic events. The type of event you are attending is crucial to finding an appropriate gift for the hostess in your life!

3. What do they like?

Their hobbies can be a great indicator of the types of gifts they will enjoy. Maybe they are hosting a Superbowl or World Series party, a sports themed gift may be more appropriate in this case. If they collect things, like wine or pint glasses, consider getting them something to add to their collection.

4. Your Relationship

Are you the best friend of the hostess? Or is this your first time meeting the person? Maybe you were invited via another friend. If it is someone you do not know well, then going with something more generic may be the best bet. Or even asking someone who does know the person better what their interests are.

5. What they can use

Hostess’ get a lot of similar gifts, wine, wine holders, bowls… so think of something that could be really useful to them. Maybe a cheeseboard or even a platter in a unique pattern.

6. Don’t Break the Bank

You don’t need to go crazy with gifts. A more expensive gift is not always a better gift. It is best to find something that is meaningful to the hostess and that they will appreciate.

7. The style of their home

Everybody styles their home differently. So, if you hope to give them a gift they can use or show in their home keep in mind the style they have their house decorated in. They could be very modern or contemporary, or even prefer mid-century modern. Matching the style of their home can be a fun adventure and lead to some really cool gifts.

8. Follow your gut

If you know the hostess, you know what they will like. If something sticks out to you, go for it!

9. Know what they drink

Knowing the hostess’ favorite drink to serve or consume is a huge benefit. There is a multitude of decorations and useful gadgets that can be used for any particular drink.

10. Have fun

If you don’t enjoy getting the hostess gift, then they probably won’t enjoy it.

Hostess gifts can be fun and stressful to purchase. Sometimes there can be pressure to get just the right thing. But don’t fret, we have quite the list for you to find exactly what you need!

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The Most Unique Hostess Gift Ideas

There are all sorts of parties and there are all sorts of hostesses. It’s easy to fall into a rut of routine gifts, but it’s nice to avoid them and be creative. When you are headed over to someone’s house, a bottle of wine is never a bad idea, but it also tends to be quite predictable. Try surprising your hostess with something beautiful and unique. Our collection of hostess gifts has the perfect present for every kind of party and every kind of hostess.

There are billions of kinds of people in this world, and there are many hostesses amongst them. It is important to remember that “hostess” is likely to be a rather small part of her identity. Try getting something that you think the gift recipient would like on any other sort of occasion, such as a birthday or holiday. It certainly doesn’t have to be party-related. There are so many great options out there, why would you limit yourself to such a narrow range?

While it can feel like quite the challenge to find the perfect hostess gift, our hostess’ gift guide has you off to a great start already. Look through our suggestions and you are on the right track!

What gifts do hostesses want?

Hostesses are sure to appreciate just about anything that speaks to who they are as a person. This gives you a wide range of options. You can give them food, homegoods, decor, gadgets, athletic gear, art supplies—anything that floats their boat is a great place to get started. Hostess gifts don’t have to be bland. They can have a lot of personality and can be well matched to a person’s aesthetic, tastes, and overall preferences. There are gifts for every kind of hostess and every kind of party.

When seeking out the perfect hostess gift, try to be original. Gifting them the usual stuff will not make their day and if you do bother bringing a hostess gifts, make sure you make it special!