Bed Prism Glasses

Have you ever been reading a book and you reach a really exciting part where you just can’t put down the book? And when you finally finish you look to realize you’ve been reading for so long and now there’s a crick in your neck? Wouldn’t it be convenient if there was some way to read a book while laying down completely? Well now there is!

The Prism Glasses allow the user to read while lying flat on their back. They feature lenses which are pointed down at a 90-degree angle allowing for easy reading in a comfortable position. They’re perfect for those who are a little older or have mobility issues. It’s also great for those that like to read in bed but want to avoid neck or back cramps.

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Detailed information about Bed Prism Glasses

They are of a durable material so they are very sturdy and not prone to breaking. However, they are also lightweight so that they don’t press down on the bridge of the nose or cause any pain when worn for long durations. It’s also very versatile and can fit several sizes of heads. Getting adequate light to the eyes is not an issue. The lenses ensure there is an ample amount of light coming through which reduces eye strain and fatigue.

Many readers like to finish the day with a good book. Avid readers, especially always read a few pages before going to bed but sometimes this means having to be in uncomfortable positions. Sitting on the bed is comfortable for a short period but over longer periods of time it gets uncomfortable. It can lead to back and neck strain, cramps and general soreness or discomfort. This can also happen when watching to much TV. The Prism Glasses can also work for viewing the TV from a laying down position which is useful for those that like to watch some shows before turning off the lights.