Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If you have a baby shower to attend to, browsing some of the best baby shower gifts online is a must. Our baby shower gift ideas is the perfect place to find a gift, regardless of the baby sex! Like with any celebration out there, it’s necessary to bring a gift to the expecting mother. You are at loss for what to give her, which can be a difficult task at hand. From terribly cute to practical and fun, we made sure to include the best baby shower gifts for all pockets. Our baby shower gift ideas guide is sure to offer you ideas on what you can give to her. Are you interested in showing up with a more unusual present? Whether this is your first baby shower of the year, or your 10th if you want to get something unique, here are some great ideas to get you thinking. Start browsing today and select the perfect baby shower present that will make the mom to be very very happy!

Tips On Finding Amazing Baby Shower Gift Ideas

1. Think about the mother

Although she’s having a baby, it’s important to keep the soon-to-be mother in mind, especially her needs and passions.

Perhaps offering something she likes, e.g. her favorite food, favorite series, is the way to go.

2. Offer something useful

Since she’ll have a baby soon, it’s necessary to think about the baby, too.

Perhaps offer some maternal care items, such as baby clothes, room decorations, or sanitary items to ensure a smooth delivery from birth to raising them.

3. Make sure it’s appropriate

While offering a nice bottle of wine sounds like a good idea, it’s not advisable for a pregnant woman to be drinking it.

Keep the item appropriate for the occasion, and you won’t risk any faux pas!

4. Consider the future

This goes hand-in-hand with #2, as in that you’ll have to think ahead to what the soon-to-be-born baby will need besides love and support.

Perhaps some clothes for their toddler years or a potty-training toilet can go a long way in assisting the future mother in her child-raising.

5. Give something homemade

From knitted hats and scarves to a heartfelt card, making things by hand is a touching way to show your appreciation for the soon-to-be mother.

6. Go the extra mile

You can embellish your gift with a bit more pizzazz, perhaps with a bow on top or a touching message—even the little things make a big difference in making someone’s day!

7. Treat them to something nice

Sometimes, it’s not the physical present that makes it meaningful, but rather the actions.

That said, a night out at a lovely restaurant or movies can be a great way for all of you to bond and show your support for the future mother.

8. Contribute to the cake

Of course, organizing a baby shower isn’t complete without cake!

Whether you choose to make it yourself or order it in advance, having a baby shower cake secures the sweet deal on the whole experience.

9. Offer kind words

Words alone have the power to affect someone’s life, whether for the good or the bad.

Offering well wishes to the soon-to-be mother goes to show just how much she means to you.

10. Keep it simple

Overcomplicating the matter isn’t ideal: by keeping it simple, you can ensure that the person will value it all the more.

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The Cutest Baby Shower Gift Ideas Online!

Celebrating a new baby is one of the most exciting parts of life and certainly, a time to celebrate. Thankfully, there are plenty of wonderful items to consider getting for a new mom to be.

If you aren’t sure what is appropriate as a gift for a baby shower, you have come to the right place.

We don’t just know what the right gifts are, we have selected some of the best baby shower gift ideas out there.

Not Your Usual Ideas

There is a pretty standard list of items that people show up with at a baby shower, and while it makes sense, it can feel a little repetitive!

Doesn’t it seem like everyone ends up having kids around the same time?

As it turns out, you can still give something that both mom and baby will enjoy, but that is different from all the standard gifts you know they are going to get from everyone else!

Here are 5 great ideas to consider as you shop for your next baby shower gift.

1. A ‘Recovery Kit’

Yes, a baby shower is all about baby, but you really shouldn’t forget about mom.

She is going through a major change with giving birth, and she deserves to be taken care of as well!

A great unique gift that is equally practical is a ‘recovery kit’ that mom can use after she gives birth.

You can either purchase a kit or put together your own by getting all sorts of items you know she will need and use after giving birth.

From comfortable clothes to relaxing lotions, pain relievers, and a lot more, taking care of mom ensures she’ll be happy and healthy to take care of the baby!

Maybe even throw a bottle of wine in there - you know she will deserve it after giving birth!

2. Nursery Decor

Consider getting a present for baby’s new room instead of a gift just for baby. Their nursery is a place where they will likely be spending a lot of time, and most moms want it to be absolutely perfect.

Let’s face it though, decorating an entire room can get expensive! Help her out by getting her some decor items that can help her finish the room off.

If she has already named her baby, consider getting a sign created that has the baby’s name or his or her initials.

These decor items are incredibly popular these days and help a room to feel complete and personalized.

This is a great option that will help mom get excited to bring her new bundle of joy home and spend time in the new, beautifully decorated nursery!

3. A Front Door Sign

This may seem like a bit of a random choice for a gift at a baby shower and feel more appropriate for a housewarming gift, but trust us, it isn’t!

We aren’t just talking any door sign here, we are talking a quiet sign that alerts everyone to refrain from knocking or ringing a doorbell while the baby is sleeping!

Trust us, if you have ever put a baby down for a nap, the last thing you want is to have them woken up by a knock at the door.

Your friends and family may know not to do so, but what about neighbors, or someone delivering a package? It is best to prepare so that when the baby goes down, he or she can get some quality rest.

Any new mom would absolutely love this item, it is something she might not even be thinking about, but once she gets it, she will instantly know she can’t live without it!

4. A Month by Month Blanket

You see all the pictures on Instagram, and you can make that a reality for this new mom as well!

These baby blankets are numbered from 1 to 12 and allow you to easily photograph baby each month until they turn 1. This is such a great idea that gives you wonderful memories to look back on.

You might not think a lot changes in a year, but when you look back at these 12 pictures you’ll see it is really a big change that happens!

Whether the mom chooses to be public with these photos or not is up to her, but it is great to give her something that will help her document these priceless moments in life.

Time will fly by once the baby comes, and this is one small way to help remember baby at every phase and every month.

This is a special gift and one that she can have fun with and use to bond with her baby.

5. A Subscription Service

Finally, most baby shower gift ideas are in the form of tangible gifts, but why not instead go for a kids subscription service?

There are so many options these days that you can easily pick out something that is either for mom, for baby, or for both of them!

From food delivery to toys, diapers, and more, this is a great way to get mom set up for months to come on things that she needs after giving birth.

Sometimes finding the time to go to the grocery store can feel impossible with a newborn, but a subscription service can help make things easier!

This is a really thoughtful gift idea that any mom will absolutely appreciate - especially once her monthly boxes start arriving!

You can choose to be unique when it comes to your baby shower gift while still getting items that are totally practical.

If you do want to stick to the registry, consider getting at item off of her registry and a unique item of your choosing!