Engagement Gifts Ideas

An engagement is always good news and the perfect excuse for a party or a get together. If you are looking for engagement gifts ideas, you've come to the right place. Our team scoured the internet just to find the perfect engagement gifts for you to browse through. Our gifts cover a wide selection of items in all price ranges so what are you waiting for, start browsing!

When it comes to popping the big question, “will you marry me?”, it’s a matter of knowing what to do going forward. In other words, it’s gathering people to join in the celebration, all the while offering gifts as congratulations for the huge milestone.

However, it can be daunting when finding the right gift for the newly-engaged couple, as you might not be sure their tastes or interests. Our guide to engagement gifts ideas will help you sort it out, as means of bringing nothing but happiness to the couple in the years to come.

How To Choose Unforgettable Engagement Gifts

1. Keep it simple

Perhaps you don’t know the couple well, so offering something small, but touching, is the way to go. A simple card or a lovely bouquet of flowers are some good ideas to start with.

2. Offer something practical

Considering that the couple will be wedded soon, chances are they’ll be living together. Offering practical items like kitchen supplies or a bed frame can help them settle in easily.

3. Make it homemade

If you’re an arts-and-crafts type of person, why not make something homemade for them? A heartfelt card or a knitted scarf can add a personal touch to the gift itself.

4. Keep it appropriate

Besides making sure that the gift is right for the couple’s age (young or old?), it’s also a matter of knowing whether they actually need the item—for example, they might not need kitchen supplies if they already have some from their previous home.

5. Provide something durable

This means something that can last for a long time, perhaps a good microwave or sofa. After all, they plan to be together for a while!

6. Make it passion-oriented

This goes hand-in-hand with the couple’s hobbies—perhaps they enjoy cooking together, so buying a recipe book might come in handy. Or maybe they like sports, so a one-month free gym pass might work out for them!

7. Offer something that can be shared

Similar to the point above, find something that the couple can treasure together, perhaps a photo album to put their future memories in, or matching coffee mugs.

8. Make it memorable

Offer to be the photographer for the engagement party: snap photo after photo of the couple with their guests and loved ones, and form a collage to give at the wedding reception. Besides it being homemade, it can offer lasting memories for the couple to cherish years later.

9. Show your gratitude

Sometimes, a gift isn’t something physical, but rather your actions. Offer kind words at the engagement party, all the while providing well wishes for the couple in their relationship.

10. Offer something extra special

Perhaps you already have gotten them a present—why not go the extra mile? It’s a matter of either including a heartfelt message or a bow on top, but otherwise, a little bit of embellishment is a great way to show that you care about the couple in their journey to being wedded and happy in the long term.

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