Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls

Is your daughter, granddaughter, niece, cousin, or friend turning 10?! How exciting! Not quite an adult, but no longer a kid, this is an exciting time for any young girl. Turning 18 may get more attention, but turning 10 is still an important milestone to celebrate. If you know a girl who is turning 10, you’ll want to make her feel incredibly special on her birthday. More than just throwing her a party, she’s deserving of a nice gift as well! If you’ve already received your party invitation but haven’t purchased your gift yet, it is time to start looking. Run out of ideas? No problem. We’ve created this gift guide specifically for 10 year old girls. Filled will all things they love, this is your one stop shop for finding the perfect gift.

10 Things to Consider When Buying a Gift for a 10 Year Old Girls

Is your daughter, granddaughter, or a close friend of yours about to turn 10? How exciting! Be sure to keep these 10 things in mind as you start shopping for her perfect gift.

1. Keep it age appropriate

Remember, you are shopping for a 10 year old, not a 21 year old. You want to treat her as an adult, as she certainly is, but keep in mind she still is very young.

2. You don’t have to break the bank

A lot of people have the completely wrong idea that a young girl will only like a gift if it is expensive. That is not true! Don’t feel like you have to get something extravagant just to make her happy. Stick to a budget that works for you - there is sure to be a gift in your price range she will love.

3. Party essentials are always great

What do the majority of ten year olds love to do? Consider getting her a nice gift she can use to throw a wonderful party for her little friends. Again, keep it age appropriate, but think of things like serving boards or string lights that she can use to decorate for throwing a fun birthday party.

4. Sparkles - need we say more?

When in doubt, a glittering gift is always a wonderful idea. This may be a nice piece of jewelry, or even a metallic desk accessory she can display in her room.

5. Pamper her

Get her something that she wanted to receive for a long time. Is there a wishlist the girl has been dreaming about? pamper her by getting the present she always wanted to receive.

6. Surprise her each month

No, we don’t mean you have to go out each month and buy her a gift. We are talking about subscription services! These are incredibly popular these days, and best of all, the company does all the work for you. Simply pick the theme you think she would enjoy and sign up for a certain period of time. Believe it or not, there are subscription services for just about anything- makeup, clothes, food, dog treats, you name it.

7. Picture perfect

Like it or not, something just about all 10 year old girls love is taking pictures. Whether they are selfies or group shots with friends, we are fully in the digital, photo era. You don’t have to break the bank and get her a nice digital camera (remember tip two!), but could instead get her a modern polaroid camera, for example. Not only will she be able to take pictures with friends and family, she will actually have copies of the pictures that she can display in her room instead of them staying stuck in her phone or on her social media feed.

8. Spoil her (within reason!)

Yet again we remind you of tip two, but within reason, a gift is a perfect opportunity to get her something she wanted for a long time. For most 10 year olds, they just can't go out shopping for the things they want. Perhaps there is a  product she has had her eye on, or a nice dress that she'd like to have. Now’s the chance to get it for her! You know this is something she will love and appreciate, making it the perfect gift idea.

9. Get with the technology

10 year olds love technology, plain and simple. A tech-inspired gift is sure to be a great idea. This could mean the latest greatest gadget, but it doesn’t have to! Something as simple as a new phone case (say one that charges for example) makes for a great gift that she is sure to get a lot of use out of.

10. Think outside the box

Finally, think outside the box! A gift is the perfect chance to think of something very creative. There are sure to be plenty of things that this young girl needs, but a gift is the chance to forget the practical items and instead go for fun. Don’t feel like you have to stick to typical gift ideas, get creative and you are sure to end up with the best gift she receives all year.

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How To Nail The Right Gift

10 year old girls can be incredibly difficult to shop for, especially if you are nowhere near that age. What type of gift is appropriate? You don’t want to give them something that is ‘too young’ or something that is too grown up! Finding the right balance can be tricky. Thankfully, you’ve got this gift guide to consult. Filled with items that are appropriate for any 10 year old girl, you are sure to find a gift that they will absolutely love.

Whether it is a family member, close friend, or niece you are shopping for, you want to make them feel special on their birthday. There are plenty of typical gifts you could turn to, but why not get her something unique that she will remember for years to come? Our gift guide is filled with out of the box ideas that any 10 year old girl will love.

How To Get Something A 10 Year Old Will Love

What is the lucky lady you are shopping for like? Is she into fashion or music? Is she a little nerd or a princess? Keep these things in mind as you look through our gift guide and you are sure to come up with just the right idea.

This may feel like a bit of an in-between age, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great gift ideas out there. If you have looked and looked and not come up with anything, you are in the right place. We know exactly what girls this age are interested in and have compiled this helpful guide so you can purchase their gift and know they will be happy with it.

10 years old can feel like a difficult age to shop for, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether the 10 year old girl is your daughter, or friend, you can find the perfect gift she is sure to love. If it is her birthday coming up, or if she is celebrating a big milestone, she deserves a nice gift! What are you waiting for- start looking today!