Sentimentally Close-Personalized Charm Necklace

This stunning piece of customized jewelry is an amazing gift choice for any important woman or girl in your life. It is from AJ’s collection and is wonderfully unique and truly beautiful. There is so much to love and enjoy about this customized, double-charm necklace and it is sure to be a serious hit! The necklace features two separate charms that hang on the same chain. The smaller of the charms is a sterling silver heart charm that rests on top of the larger charm. The larger charm is a disk that has a lovely hammered appearance to it. It is plated in 14k yellow gold.

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Detailed information about Sentimentally Close-Personalized Charm Necklace

The two charms of the necklace compliment each other wonderfully and look great hanging from the chain of your choice. When purchasing this lovely personalized necklace, you can choose from three different types of chains and you can even choose your length of chain. The types of chains to choose from are a ball chain, a box chain, and a cable chain. Your choice of chain is based off of personal preference as is the length. You can get a 16-inch, 18-inch, 20-inch, 22-inch, or 24-inch chain in any of the three types of chains you prefer.