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Tiffany Style Reading Floor Lamp

This Tiffany style reading floor lamp from Werfactory is a really elegant and sophisticated gift for someone to use and show off in their living room, office, bedroom or dining room!

The bulb holder accepts an Edison style bulb and the manufacturer recommends an incandescent E26 bulb rather than an LED. The entire lamp arrives at your home in sections and it is up to the purchaser to assemble. There are full instructions for assembly and the operation can be easily done by just one person.

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Detailed information about Tiffany Style Reading Floor Lamp

The lamp base and supports are made from heavy bronze color resin. Its height is 64” high with a 12” diameter shade and comes with a footswitch for ease of control. The lampshade is a reproduction Tiffany style stained glass lampshade that is really beautiful to look at.

As always happens with stained glass, the light from the light bulb travels through the glass, takes on the color of the glass and is slightly dimmed as if the shade was partially opaque. The main part of the illumination is directed out of the shade opening.


Beautiful reproduction Tiffany style stained glass lampshade

Lovely sea blues and greens provide amazing patterns on the walls and ceiling

Ideal illumination for reading, handicrafts or just for general illumination