Women in Science: Hardcover Book by Rachael Ignotofsky

From time to time, we all need a little motivation to face the fears and take on new journeys. But, we hardly get this from the society around us, and if we do, it is not enough to push us to the next level. For children, they need to read and hear of real-life examples of what other people achieved.

Such will help them believe that there are people who can do the unimaginable and take pride in themselves. One of the books you could get your girl is this ‘Women in Science’ hardcover book by Rachael Ignotofsky. It would be a thoughtful gift which would help them build the confidence they need every day.

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Detailed information about Women in Science: Hardcover Book by Rachael Ignotofsky

The book compiles stories of 50 fearless women that achieved extraordinary things at their time. As the book says, these women had the aim of changing various aspects of lives at the time, which was a significant change to the world. For example, one Katherine Johnson calculated the trajectory of the 1969 Apollo II mission to the moon. She is an African-American mathematician and did what most would not have imagined.

Such a story would be a big motivation to the young girl that thinks women cannot achieve such success. Also, it would be an excellent example to those that have covered their dreams in fear, without taking a step to pursue what they like. The book is indeed worth a read.