Glitter Ball Resist Necklace

It is always difficult to choose a gift for a girl or woman and normal jewellery is so personalised that most women would rather choose their own. This gift however is something that most women and all girls will love and treasure for many years to come whether they wear it or not. Every girl, of whatever age loves sparkles and this clever little necklace is full of them. Its value is not in its scarcity or value of the components; but in the love and emotion exhibited when given.

The Glitter Ball Resist Necklace from Treasured Gifts by Dorinta is something that women of every age will love to receive as a gift from someone they respect and love. It consists of a dainty hand blown glass globe containing sparkly glitter suspended from an 18” silver coloured metal chain. The necklace comes in a presentation box complete with an empowering quotation card reading “This glitter many be contained, but don’t ever let anyone contain yours”.

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Detailed information about Glitter Ball Resist Necklace

This lovely sentimental gift is perfect for all girls aged 8 to 80 and is a reminder to them that they can achieve anything at all, and to always shine through all the difficulties they may encounter in life no matter what or who tries to stop them.

This would be perfect for birthdays; high school graduation; college graduation; mother’s day; a gift for your aunt, niece, sister or grandma. This would also make a superb bridesmaid’s gift for the young ones who are just starting out on life’s journey.


This is a lovely little gift for girls of all ages; from 8 to 80 years
This is such a clever concept in jewellery and the empowering quotation card gives the girl confidence in everything they do
Sent in a lovely presentation box just ready to be wrapped with gift wrapping paper
This gift is suitable for all kinds of occasions
A gift to show the wonderful girl in your life that her spirit can never be quenched


A customer reviewer suggested the presentation box should be deeper as the lid repeatedly popped open