Unicorn Gifts

Could there be anything more fun than unicorn gifts? We certainly don’t think so! Lately, there has been a major trend in all things unicorn. Maybe the introduction of the unicorn emoji inspired it, or maybe something else, but either way, unicorns are everywhere! Perfect as a pick for a little girl or young teen (or let’s face it, even older adults), this is a great fun theme to think of when buying a birthday present. Best of all, there are plenty of unicorn themed gifts for people of all ages - not just kids! If you know someone who is fun-loving and loves bright colors and mystical creatures, they would certainly love a unicorn gift. Use as a birthday,  graduation gift, or to help throw the ultimate unicorn themed party. The possibilities are endless! No matter what, this is an incredibly fun gift theme, and we have come up with this list of all the best unicorn gift ideas for people of all ages.

10 Things to Consider When Buying a Unicorn Gift

Searching for the perfect unicorn-inspired gift? Be sure to keep in mind these ten things while you shop!

1. Keep age in mind

This is important! Thankfully, there are unicorn themed picks perfect for people of all ages.

However, that doesn’t mean that every single unicorn related item is perfect for every single person. Instead, take into consideration the age of the person you are shopping for and use that to help guide you towards the perfect pick.

2. Don’t be tacky

The last thing you want to do is give someone a tacky pick! Unicorn themed gifts are so fun, but make sure you are still selecting something that you know the person you are shopping for would like.

Make sure you give it some thought and don’t just grab the closest unicorn gift you can find.

3. Have fun with it

With that in mind, you don’t want anything tacky, but you do want something fun!

Deciding to get a unicorn themed gift means you want the person to smile and have fun, so make sure you have that mindset too!

4. Think outside the box

Getting a unicorn gift doesn’t mean getting a stuffed animal in the shape of a unicorn.

There are so many ideas that are inspired by unicorns, so take some time to think outside the box and come up with something that is unique but still totally playing into the unicorn theme!

5. Summer inspired

Shopping for someone’s birthday that falls during summer? You are in luck! Summer-themed unicorn items are some of the best - we are talking drink ideas, decorations, flamingo pool floats, unicorns scream summer in the best possible way!

Perfect for a pool party birthday, these picks are a must-have for any unicorn lover.

6. Consider jewelry

Jewelry is a great idea for a unicorn lover that wants to show off their love! However, even so, you can keep it more subtle if you want.

A simple bracelet or charm necklace can feature a unicorn in a toned-down way while still looking incredibly cool.

7. Food can be great

Have you seen a unicorn-themed cake before? The horn made from an ice cream cone? Fantastic!

If you don’t want to go for an actual unicorn themed present, why not have some fun making some unicorn inspired food? Cakes, cupcakes, cookies - desserts are clearly a great idea!

8. Light up their life

Unicorns are associated with bright colors, so why not use that as your inspiration?

Go for a light that flashes all the fun bright colors you associate with unicorns - you can even get one in the shape of a unicorn for the full effect! Nighttime dance parties have never been more fun.

9. Go for the laugh

Giving someone the gift of laughter is always a good idea, and there are plenty of unicorn-themed gag gifts you could consider- such as ‘unicorn farts’ scented anything - who wouldn’t find that hilarious?

10. Make it (semi) permanent

Finally, tattoos are all the rage these days, but instead of making a permanent commitment, why not get some fun unicorn tattoos?

Perfect to give out as a party favor at a slumber party, girls will love showing off their tattoos to all of their friends!

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Unicorn Symbolism Explained!

You’ve loved them since you were a child and wish they were real - is there anything more exciting and beautiful than a unicorn? Not to a child!

These beautiful creatures have existed in our culture for generations and don’t show any sign of losing their popularity.

Unicorns have been symbols of magic and fun and are present in so many tv shows, decorations, clothing, accessories, and so much more.

Did you have a unicorn-themed birthday party as a child? Chances are you did, or if not, you probably attended one! They are just everywhere!

Have you ever actually wondered what the origin of the unicorn is, or what the true symbolism is? We know they aren’t real (although I am sure we all still have a tiny bit of hope that maybe they are real - or is that just us?), so where did they originate from? What are they actually supposed to represent?

If you’ve ever had that curiosity, or if we’ve just got you thinking about it now, we have answers for you! Let’s get to explaining unicorn symbolism!

Naming Origin

To start off with, let’s talk about the name itself. The word itself dates back to Middle English and comes from the Latin word unicornus. The root word uni means one or single, and the root word cornu means horn.

Single horn- that describes a unicorn quite well don’t you think? The name very much makes sense and helps set the scene when it comes to the symbolism and history of this mythical creature.

First Appearance

So, how far back do these creatures actually go? Are we talking years, decades, or more? Way more!!

The first instance of a unicorn is thought to be in the form of an image that was found etched on stone seals from the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation.

These images could date as far back as 2500 BC. Can you believe that?? Unicorns have been depicted for centuries, all with the same general appearance of a horse-like creature with a single twisted horn.

There is some slight variation as to the appearance, but the single horn has, as you can imagine, always been the consistent feature, as we all know today. Today, a unicorn is imagined, typically, as a white horse with a twisted horn.

Throughout centuries and in various cultures, they have been either depicted or described in various forms of artwork and literary pieces.

It is amazing that such an image has persisted through all these centuries. Who knew there was such history to this mythical creature?

Traditional Symbolism

Alright, now that we know a bit more about the name and history, what does it actually symbolize? To start with, let’s discuss traditional symbolism.

  • Virginity: Yes, unicorns have traditionally been associated with femininity and virginity, and it was thought for years that only virgins could catch or ride on a unicorn.
  • Purity: In a similar way, they have typically been associated with purity. In more ancient times this could seem similar to virginity, but it also meant to mean purity of heart.
  • Magic: Of course, seeing as they are believed to have a more mythical quality, versus being totally real like other animals, they are associated with magic, wonder, and mystery.
  • Positivity: There is never an instance where the presence of a unicorn is seen as a negative, alarming, or dangerous situation.

Occasion Appropriate Unicorn Picks!

Are you going to a baby shower and want to find a unique gift to give to a baby? Why not make it unicorn themed! That is exactly what we love about these gift ideas- there truly is something for everyone.

Think unicorn mobiles, bath toys, onesies, and more! There are so many options no matter who you are shopping for, and no matter your budget.

When in doubt, go with a pick that is fun - you can’t go wrong! What are you waiting for - check out our list and see what you find? We are sure you’ll find something you love. Start shopping today!