DROGRACE Kids Camera – Waterproof Digital Video HD Action Camera

Kids these days really grew up very differently compared to us older people. As a tween, we used to blow on our cassette tapes to make them work and put them in our bulky cassette player for some nice tunes from our favorite band.

Tweens now can just go on Spotify or Pandora to play their favorite music right away or have mom and dad download their album choices on different platforms for some uninterrupted listening.

Back then we would have to wait for our favorite music videos to play on the music channel, nowadays you can just go on Youtube and watch everything from music videos to video game walkthroughs, which prove to be very popular at the moment. And of course, who could forget about those home videos shot with the old, trusty, handheld video camera we used to have back then? Now, the tween in your life can relive the childhood you once had when you buy them this modern, portable and powerful HD Video Action Camera from Drograce.

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Detailed information about DROGRACE Kids Camera – Waterproof Digital Video HD Action Camera

Being born in such a technological era has an incredible advantage because the stuff we can only imagine before are now a reality. No need to scramble for batteries in the top drawers, as this Waterproof Camera has a rechargeable battery that you can charge with the cord it comes with.

This small but powerful camera is jam-packed with features our old cameras did not use to have – you can take high definition videos at 30fps in 1080p, 5 megapixel photos which you can opt to edit with the 40 different frame modes that are built-in, 7 color video modes that you can choose from, the ever important zoom which you can use up to 4 times and you can change the volume up to 3 levels.


Available in 2 fun colors

Also includes a waterproof case, helmet belt, hand leash, manual, a USB cable and packaging to put the camera in

Easy to use, very kid-friendly