Funny & Creative 21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Men and Women

There are few events that people look forward to more than their 21st birtdhay. Finally an adult. Legal drinking age! It is an exciting time in a person’s life. To mark the big moment, most people have a huge party to celebrate. Our 21st birthday gift ideas guide is filled with perfect gifts for someone turning 21. Party or not, if you know someone who is turning 21, they deserve a special present. While you probably get your close friends and family gifts each year for their bday, turning 21 is different. It is a special birthday that deserves a little more thought when coming up with the perfect gift. If you aren’t sure what to get, you’ve come to the right place since we put together a list of awesome 21st birthday gift ideas and we promise you there is something for everyone!

10 Things to Consider When Buying a 21st Birthday Gift

1. It doesn’t have to be alcohol-related

Yes, someone turning 21 is now old enough to legally drink. That doesn’t have to be your only inspiration for a gift, however.

First of all, make sure the person turning 21 is actually interested in drinking. If they aren’t, right away that is a terrible gift idea!

Even if they are, don’t feel like that is the only gift you can get them. Go ahead, get a bit more creative.

2. Get personal(ized)

A 21st birthday is a great time to get someone their very own - something! Perhaps it is a pen with their name engraved or a nice piece of jewelry with their birthstone or initials.

The gift itself is nice, but taking the time to have it personalized truly makes it one of a kind, which is perfect on a big occasion like a 21st birthday.

3. Educate them

Turning 21 marks officially becoming an adult. This is an exciting, but overwhelming time in life.

Thankfully, there are plenty of books, apps, and other tools that can help make the future seem less scary. Plus, they are interesting as well!

A fun guide to the future, or tips for surviving adulthood, there is a lot to choose from that actually makes for a great 21st birthday gift.

4. Splurge a little

It is okay to splurge a little for a person’s 21st birthday, especially if you are their parent or grandparent!

That doesn’t mean break the bank, but consider getting them something you know they would never get (or couldn’t quite afford) for themselves.

Perhaps a nice pair of shoes, a handbag, a piece of jewelry, or something like a new smartphone. These types of investment pieces are sure to appreciate and use for years to come.

5. Ask for help

When in doubt, it is okay to ask around for help when it comes to finding the perfect gift idea! After all, 21 is a big year.

Ask their parents or their close friends for some help coming up with the perfect idea. Or, spend some time talking to the (almost) 21-year-old and see if they happen to mention anything in conversation. Pay close attention!

They are sure to find it truly special if you get them something they mentioned.

Not only are they sure to love it, but they will appreciate that you actually listened and remembered something they said.

6. Go for the joint gift

If you don’t have a huge budget to spend (and that is totally fine!) but you want to get them something a bit more expensive, consider going in with friends or family on a joint gift.

By pooling your resources you can get them a very special gift- perfect for a 21st birthday!

7. Encourage their hobbies

A great inspiration for a birthday gift is to think about the person’s hobbies. Do they enjoy working out? Cooking? Fishing? Working on cars? Messing with technology?

Encourage them to keep up their passions (it only gets harder as you get older!) by getting them a gift to help them.

Some new workout gear, cooking utensils, the latest and greatest gadget, you get the idea!

8. Go for the games

A 21-year-old probably loves hosting or attending a good game night, and now let’s face it, they are of age to enjoy some drinking games.

Getting them some new games to add to their collection is a great gift idea and is something they will be able to enjoy with all of their friends!

9. Go ahead and get sentimental

It is okay to look back over the person’s 21 years and use that as inspiration for your gift.

That could mean framing an old picture you find, or thinking back on and recreating a favorite memory from years past. If it means something to you, it will surely mean something to them as well!

10. Consider a trip

There is no better time to plan a fun trip than a 21st birthday. After all, turning 21 means you can now get into all the fun bars.

You don’t have to break the bank- maybe just go out for a night on the town in your city.

Or, if you want, consider a drinking weekend trip away somewhere like Las Vegas. It is a popular trip for a reason- it’s fun!

21st Birthday Gift Ideas That Won't Go Unnoticed

Everyone looks forward to turning  21! It is a big moment that marks officially turning into an adult.

Plenty of parties, well-wishes, and of course fabulous gifts mark the special occasion!

Maybe your sibling is turning 21, or your child, grandchild, or a close friend. No matter who it is, they are certainly looking forward to the big moment. A unique gift is a great way to help contribute to the day and make it special!

If you are far older than 21, you may feel like you have no idea what to get someone that age. What do young adults these days like? Or, you may be around that age yourself and simply run out of ideas!

Coming up with the perfect 21st birthday gift idea during such a special occasion can feel overwhelming. You don’t want to get something they won’t like on such a big day. Trust us - you aren’t alone!

Most people worry about finding the perfect gift on big moments like this.

Thankfully, we are here to help you with 21st birthday gifts.

Our Curated List Covers All Types of Gifts!

Our talented team has curated this list of gifts that is perfect for anyone turning 21. We’ve got gifts for both guys and girls, and covering a wide variety of interests.

From clothing to tech, to education, gaming, food, and so much more - we have thought of just about everything. We’ve also considered different price points and have as well as more expensive gifts for those looking to splurge.

Turning 21 is a big moment. You can now do, well, just about anything you want. Additionally, most kids this age are in college or have just graduated and are starting their lives.

No matter how you look at it, it is a very important and exciting time in their lives.

To mark the occasion, get them a special gift that they will remember for years to come. With our help, you can pick out the perfect thing without having to stress about it!

Start Browsing Today and Get Your gift in Time!

If it is a family member turning 21, you are sure to be a bit emotional at this time.

Show them how proud you are of them and help them celebrate by getting them a super unique gift.

It isn’t about the amount of money you spend, but about taking the time to get them something you know they will love.

Don’t wait until the last minute, start shopping today with our 21st birthday gift ideas!

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Cards Against Humanity Like me! 168
Take your fun party night to a whole new crazy with the infamous ‘Cards Against Humanity’ party game that can get as weird as you and your stupid friends! Not everybody is as tolerant as you and this fun party game put you and your friends’ tolerance limits to test with some hateful fill-in-the-blank statements. This is a fun way to cherish those good old days you spent together and enjoy some great quality time while having fun at the same time...
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Nothing – You Said You Wanted Nothing Like me! 58
Everyone has that certain type of a friend that says they do not want anything for their birthday. And of course, looking for a gift becomes even more complicated and sometimes even painful. Asking them what they want is not an option because they will roll their eyes sarcastically. Even though they are not genuinely interested, a good friend will always be persistent to try and surprise them with something thoughtful. Now with this gift, the giftee will get what they asked for and that is - nothing...
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Real Gin Making Kit by DIY Gift Kit Like me! 5
This is a perfect gift for someone who enjoys a good martini, gin, tonic, cocktail or any kind of spirit! Most people like to enjoy a good drink every now and them. At the end of a long day, for a birthday celebration or any kind of occasion. These drinks taste good and they make people happy. Drinkers usually go to the bar where bartenders serve them. Sometimes, in reality, people do not have enough time to go to the bars and this can pose a real problem. With this amazing Real Gin Making kit by DIY Gift Kits, everyone...
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5 ft. Giant Teddy Bear Like me! 23
Are you looking for a great gift to give to your child? Finding the right thing can be so tiresome. The perfect gift is somewhere out there but you have no idea where to look. With that said, look no more as we have the perfect gift idea! This one is cuddly, fluffy, puffy, and definitely well worth the money! We now introduce to you the Giant 5 ft. Teddy Bear by Big Plush!    ...
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The Carry On Cocktail Kit Like me! 12
Traveling, especially when it’s for work, can sometimes be a bore. Long plane rides can be exhausting and stressful. That’s why it’s imperative for travelers to have something to offset the plane-ride-blues. If you’re shopping for the perfect unique and uplifting gift for a traveler, look no further than the Carry On Cocktail Kit!
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S.LEAF Cat Ear Stud Earrings Like me! 62
While diamonds are girls' favorite, cats just may be too. If looking for a present for any cat person, these cat ear stud earrings may be the best gift ever. These cute little adorable earrings are really cheap and they are really unique. They can be bought for a girlfriend, sister, daughter or for any person who adores cats! They will find them looking purr-fect for sure...
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QZUnique Women’s Elegant Tape Shaped Shoulder Bag Vintage Like me! 40
This elegant tape-shaped vintage shoulder bag comes from QZUnique and it is one of a kind. Its shape is really appealing to any teenager obsessed with vintage fashion items. It is made with a realistic appearance and it is sure to draw a lot of attention and receive a lot of compliments. This shoulder bag is completed with a very fashion-forward chain that makes it look really stylish. The purse features a hard case that snaps open at the top, providing plenty of space on the inside for storing wallet, keys, cell phone or any everyday item. There...
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Mily Heart Shaped Shoulder Handbag Like me! 10
Looking for a gorgeous, classy and elegant clutch bag as a gift? This handbag can be bought for any female friend. A lot of buyers have bought it for themselves if we're being honest. Preparing for an evening event is never an easy task. Out of all the clothing, the handbag is probably the most important asset since it finishes and circles the whole outfit. This cute little bag is in the shape of a heart and makes people instantly fall in love with it! It's classy and elegant and goes with any kind of dress and color. &...
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Wine Glass Necklace Like me! 2
A woman’s 21st birthday is a very special occasion. As well as traditionally becoming an adult with all the privileges and responsibilities that adulthood entails, a 21st birthday means that the person is legally old enough in the US to drink alcohol. To mark this special occasion YiYi Princess have designed and produced a beautiful necklace based on a wine bottle and wine glass theme. The necklace is made from hypoallergenic stainless steel which means that the metal will not normally rust, corrode, change color or affect the wearer’s skin in any way...
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Efy Tal 21st Bday Sterling Silver Necklace Like me! 2
Beautifully crafted, this sterling silver necklace from Efy Tal celebrates that special young woman on her 21st and she will be thrilled beyond words with this lovely and fine piece of jewelry. This sweet 21st birthday gift comes affixed to a lovely and sentimental gift card that carries the message “Two Rings for Each Fabulous Decade, and a Jewel to Celebrate Your 21st Year”. With the greeting already included, this gift is ready to bestow on that special 21-year-old...
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Always Remember You are Braver/Stronger/Smarter Than You Think – Necklace Like me! 3
Jewelry has always been a trend to give as a present and is basically a universal gift for adoration and showing your love in material form. It never goes out of style, looks amazing and most importantly, its sentimental value increases as time goes by and is generally loved by everyone. So if you are stuck in a rut trying to come up with something unique for your special someone, well you are in luck, because we found just the perfect necklace for you – and we found it in this cool pendant necklace from Lauhonmin. This stunning necklace is shaped...
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Flask Star Wars Hollow Book Leather-Bound with Magnetic Closure Like me! 0
This item is a unique gift that will make any Star Wars fan very happy for the holidays or any day at all. This beautifully bound and well-crafted book is actually a holder for a hidden flask in the Star Wars motif.  This gift comes with a hidden surprise. Hiding inside of the professionally-bound book, replete with genuine leather and archival quality end pages, there is a secret compartment in the form of a precisely cut hollow set deeply in the pages.    ...
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Bibbidi Bobbidi Boozed Wine Glass Fully Reviewed Like me! 3
It is true that some of the toys and shows we experienced in our childhood have a special place in our heart and we are overcome with a sense of nostalgia when we come across these already considered vintage things. For instance, when flipping through channels on the tv and see the Disney channel, a sense of familiarity washes over us and puts a smile on our face as we move on to other channels. But some people still love Disney cartoons, especially the classics, because these are the ones they grew up with. With that said, if a special...
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Wild – From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail Like me! 3
Finally 21 – 6 Beer Bottle Labels and 1 Carrier Like me! 7
Traditionally, the 21st is a special birthday when the person legally becomes a full adult with all the privileges and responsibilities that come with it. There are a few traditional gifts that are given at this age, but this gift is possibly unique. “The Finally 21 – 21st Birthday 6 Beer Bottle Labels and Carrier” from Big Dot of Happiness is a kit for those of us who are legally old enough to drink alcohol and want to celebrate this fact. It includes six beer bottle stickers stating “21 and Legally #Drunk” together with six bottle neck labels and a six...
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Katie Loxton A Little Happy Birthday Silver Women’s Bracelet Like me! 0
This bracelet is the perfect little gift for celebrating a young lady’s 21st. Receiving this dainty and stylish wristlet will make the birthday girl smile from ear to ear. One look at this elegant bracelet will let everyone know her dedication to style. This 21st birthday gift comes already mounted on a presentation gift card containing well wishes. She is going to love this delicate adjustable pave’ heart charm bracelet commemorating her 21st; what young women coming into adulthood wouldn’t?
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Lucky Feather 21 Bday Gold-Dipped Beaded Bracelet Like me! 2
This simple yet beautiful beaded bracelet is a unique way to mark a young lady’s entrance to official adulthood. This lovely bracelet elegantly sports twenty-one 14 karat gold-dipped beads to mark and to celebrate her 21 years of life. Although 18 is considered the age when a young woman enters adulthood, there is just something special about turning 21. This birthday marks the passage into all things “adult”. The folks at Lucky Feather have created a stunning bracelet to commemorate this special birthday in a young lady’s life. This bracelet is a great 21st birthday gift...
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Happy 21st Birthday FlaskSet Like me! 0
Are you celebrating a loved one’s 21st birthday? We all know what this is all about. The start of the exciting 20s' and finally the legal age for just about anything. How about you join their excitement and keep the fun going and all-time-high with a unique gift to commemorate the best birthday they will ever have? If you are already looking for a gift that will make the right impression to mark this major milestone, look no further. This 21st birthday flask set from Palm City Products will be a great way to celebrate this special...
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Make America Drunk Again – Stainless Steel Flask Like me! 0
In your circle of friends, there is always that one person who has a fine taste when it comes to alcohol. The one whom you always have unforgettable nights with and never turns up for events without a drink. Here is a gag gift that we are confident will be received with lots of laughter, and the best thing about it is that your friend can always sip their whiskey, anytime, anywhere on the go (responsibly). This stainless steel liquor flask by Thirsty Rhino is trendy, stylish and super cool. It will always have a place in any social gathering...
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DA VINCI Monte Carlo Poker Set – 500 Pieces Like me! 0
Poker night will never be the same once you upgrade to this professional DA VINCI Monte Carlo Poker Set. Complete with everything you need to play, encased in a sleek black case, it couldn’t be easier to have a poker night just about anywhere! This case is easy to travel with or to store away, ready to be taken out at a moment’s notice. Complete with chips, cards, and dealer buttons, this set is perfect for anyone who enjoys a real game of poker. Don’t cut corners anymore, play as if you were in Las Vegas with...
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