Nintendo New 2DS XL

We remember the good old days when video game consoles were chunky, big and the graphics were very simple. Then, when the Tetris brick game arrived, things were never the same again. The handheld console changed how kids played their favorite games because now, you do not need to be confined in the living room of your house – you can bring it to your room, in the garden, at your friend’s house or a long car ride.

Fast forward to now, and kids these days have quite a number of choices when it comes to their favorite handheld device (apart from a phone, because even if you do get games in there, it just does not have the same feeling), but nothing is really as good as the Nintendo New 2DS XL.

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Detailed information about Nintendo New 2DS XL

Nintendo is a trusted brand and has been around for ages, so it really is no surprise that they came up with this beauty.

Because this handheld system is light, it is the perfect console for kids looking to play for hours with the ton of games they can access with it. What’s more, they can actually still play games from other console versions such as the Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS games in 2D as they are compatible with this extremely powerful handheld device.


Beautiful and sleek design

Lightweight and portable, so it is great for kids

Compatible games with other versions of Nintendo