BAOFASHION Girls Small Shoulder Bag in Pink

If you are looking for a new shoulder bag, then stop right here. This is an awesome bag that is fashionable and functional and great for any occasion. It can be used as a school bag or just for day to day activities. If you’re looking for a gift for the lovely lady in your life, the BAOFASHION Small Shoulder Bag is a great solution!

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Detailed information about BAOFASHION Girls Small Shoulder Bag in Pink

The bag is 10.63 inches high and 3.94 inches wide. It can be used as a cross-body bag, handbag, or backpack. It comes in four colors: blue, yellow, pink, and purple. The main color on all of the bags is tan, with the color being an accent on the front of it. This is a great fashion bag and can be used for a wide variety of things. It is great for a day out shopping or going to a concert. It could even be good for school if you use a tablet, though it is not big enough to hold a laptop. It is a perfect size if you are traveling and want something light, simple, but fashionable to carry your stuff.