N.egret Hidden Messages Handmade Stainless Jewelry Necklace

What a beautiful necklace and what a beautiful sentiment. This unique piece of stainless steel jewelry is a delicately crafted scroll with a message of love for or from a mom and is sure to bring much joy to whoever receives it.

The clever way that this message is worded allows this inscription to make sense as a gift from mom to her daughter or from a child to their mom.

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Detailed information about N.egret Hidden Messages Handmade Stainless Jewelry Necklace

Inscribed are the words “Always Remember I Love you Mom”. Any mother would treasure this gift from her children, and a mom would love to give this to her offspring as well. Because the scrolled design of this pendant is beautifully androgynous if you were to simply switch out the fine link chain for a more masculine beaded chain this gift would be perfectly appropriate for a male as well.

Mother to son, mother to daughter, son or daughter to mother, it all is sweet and it all works! This necklace is so very versatile that it makes gift giving effortless and meaningful.

The lovely scrolled detailing of this piece makes it unique and this necklace will surely be something vastly different from what the recipient usually wears. Initially, all you see is a lovely and delicate scroll on a chain, but a closer look shows the hidden and sentimental message written on it.

  • Handcrafted stainless steel pendant
  • Adjustable delicate link 20-inch stainless steel chain
  • Arrives packaged in a lovely gift box