Forensic Science Kit: The Missy Hammond Case

Does your child like mysteries? Have they ever wanted to be a real detective? Mysteries are can give you all sorts of feelings. They can be suspenseful, they can be intimidating, they can be exciting, nerve-racking and even very enjoyable. Solving the mystery takes hard work but also requires skill.  You have to look the evidence, piece the clues together, match the reports and make your acquisition.  A detective’s job is very important, if the wrong person is convicted, then you have just put an innocent person in jail. You make the right call, you have just saved maybe countless lives. If your kid has ever been interested in mysteries or has ever wanted to solve a real mystery, then we here at That Sweet Gift know of just that gift to get! Without further ado, we introduce to you the Forensic Science Kit!

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Detailed information about Forensic Science Kit: The Missy Hammond Case

This is no ordinary kit. This is a kit to solve a 'real' mystery. By 'real' we mean it is a based on a real case with real evidence and real forensics tests but is not the actual case.  Your child's jobs is to become a CSI and solve the murder of Missy Hammond. Now, Missy Hammond was just some ordinary hair stylist but one morning she was found dead in her home. The cause of the death was being strangled. Your child's job is to then find out who the killer was and why the killer did it. Inside the kit will be everything you need to solve the mystery from evidence to suspects to even brushes for analyzing fingerprints. As an added bonus, once they are done with the case they will then have enough materials for a fully functioning fingerprint kit afterward! Depending on your child, this kit does deal with mature subjects in the suspect cases such as rape, drug addiction, and sexual encounters, and harsh language so this is something you would have to judge that would be best for your child.