Forensic Science Kit: The Missy Hammond Case

Everyone knows at least one child that loves mysteries! They even may want to be detectives when they grow up. Why shouldn’t they? Mysteries are fun! They can be suspenseful, intimidating, exciting, nerve-racking but really enjoyable! Solving a mystery takes hard work but it also requires certain skills! The detective has to take a look at the evidence, to piece clues together, to match reports and make acquisitions.  A detective’s job is really important because nobody wants an innocent person to go to jail! The detectives make the right call and are trying to save as many lives as possible. If any teen enjoys this type of work, they will love this Forensic Science Kit!

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Detailed information about Forensic Science Kit: The Missy Hammond Case

This gift is recommended for teens who are at least 14 years old. The maturity level is cautioned because the suspect cases are based on real-life scenarios and use mature topics. If they are into mysteries then they will absolutely love this kit as a gift. It makes a great birthday gift or a Christmas gift. If they ever wanted to solve a mystery now they will get the chance to do so.