Disney Women’s Minnie Mouse Polka Dots Baseball Hat

Micky Mouse isn’t the only star in the Disney Universe, how about the cuddly Minnie Mouse as well? Minnie Mouse is specifically designed to appeal to girls and women and to bring the fun and laughter of the Disney cartoons to life.

This baseball hat from Disney is specifically designed to appeal to the little girl that is present inside every grown-up woman. It has a bright red background with white polka dots, just like the colors and patterns that Minnie Mouse wears.

There is also a nice big red and white spotted bow on the front of the cap to remind the wearer of Minnie’s iconic hair bow. This cap doesn’t stop there however, it has a Minnie Mouse autograph in full view on the cap’s peak.

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Detailed information about Disney Women’s Minnie Mouse Polka Dots Baseball Hat

The pre-curved peak protrudes to about 2.75 inches and the cap itself is a ‘one size fits most’ size that will fit heads up to and including 23 inches. The cap is fully adjustable within this size range using the Velcro closure at the back to make sure the cap fits snuggly on the wearer’s head.

This lovely little Minnie Mouse baseball cap will be a fantastic gift for any girl from the age of ten (below that and the hat might be a little too large for her head) right up to when she is an adult. That’s correct the cap is suitable for kids of all ages from 10 to 20 years. Buy one for your daughter or granddaughter, for your sister, wife or girlfriend and don’t forget your mother and grandma because they were little girls once upon a time.


This is a Minnie Mouse themed baseball cap designed for a large-headed girl or a regular sized woman

The colors and pattern distinguish this as being a Minnie Mouse cap

This is 100% cotton and has a Velcro closure at the back to fit most sized heads