Colorful & Fun Girly Guitar Picks Set

Do you have a daughter, granddaughter, sister, or friend who is learning to play guitar for the first time or just loves playing guitar? These fun and girly guitar picks are the perfect gift for them. The pack comes with twelve guitar pics, in six different designs and colors. They will make anyone want to practice guitar or spruce up existing guitar lessons, performances, or practices.

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Detailed information about Colorful & Fun Girly Guitar Picks Set

These are celluloid guitar picks and are of medium thickness (0.71 mm). These picks can comfortably be used for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and bass guitars. These are good quality and fun picks with colors ranging from red to pink to purple to green to orange and beyond. There are leaf, crown, owl, flower, bow, and zigzag prints making these picks extremely attractive, especially to a middle school or teenage girl. Because there are twelve, you will always have another one if one breaks or gets lost, and you can choose which pattern you want based on your mood or the type of music you are playing.