Scientific Explorer Magic Kit

Children love exploring and experimenting with the world around them. In fact, they make some of the best scientists because they’re naturally curious and are always questioning everything. That’s why it’s no surprise they love mixing things together to see what will happen and if that something is totally crazy and unexpected – even better! Now with the Scientific Explorer’s Magic Science Kit, children can pretend to be a wizard/scientist coming up with crazy concoctions!



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Detailed information about Scientific Explorer Magic Kit

This amazing kit teaches children science and lets them experiment with different chemicals. These chemicals are not harmful and include things like baking soda, tablets in colors, vegetable oil and many more. Supervised by adults the children can mix together different materials to get different effects like color changes, fizzing and other fun things.

The activity guide features 9 different activities that each have different chemical reactions. There is also a small section on the history of different inspirational wizards such as Merlin and Baba Yaga. This Magic Science kit is fabulous for teaching children about different chemicals and reactions in a fun way. They can pretend to be a wizard and cast spells with the wand that causes materials to perform different things. They can even create a test tube crystal ball to see into the future!