5 ft. Giant Teddy Bear

Are you looking for a great gift to give to your child? Finding the right thing can be so tiresome. The perfect gift is somewhere out there but you have no idea where to look. With that said, look no more as we have the perfect gift idea! This one is cuddly, fluffy, puffy, and definitely well worth the money! We now introduce to you the Giant 5 ft. Teddy Bear by Big Plush!



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Detailed information about 5 ft. Giant Teddy Bear

This teddy is different than most ‘normal sized’ versions of kids’ toys. One way to put it is that it is a teddy bear from the land of giants up in the beanstalk. At 5ft tall, this Teddy bear is made in the US. It has a nice ‘cookie dough’ brown coloring to the fur, but it, unfortunately, does not smell like cookies. Around its’ neck, the bear has a bright red, satin bow, which is easily removable, if needed. The stuffing inside each bear goes through a 2-part process to make sure the ‘fluff’ is smooth, yet heavy so that after all the hugging and squeezing the bear will ‘fluff’ back up to retain its shape. The stuffing itself is made out of high-quality U.S. made polyester. The bear will weigh about 12.8 pounds and is 43 x 52 x 60 inches. It definitely takes your ‘average’ teddy bear and brings it to a whole new level!