Premium Pack of 100 + 50 Fun Colorful Stickers

If you’re wracking your brain trying to come up with a cool gift for friends or family, stop giving yourself a headache and relax because Pool Party has the perfect thing! Their Premium Pack of 100 + 50 Stickers is sure to do the trick! Featuring 150 cool custom stickers this set is filled with designs from logos to cool looking animals. They’re fabulous for sticking on laptops, notebooks, skateboards, bicycles and so much more. Plus, they’re made with a super adhesive so you can stick it on something, peel it off and stick it to something else without having to worry about it coming off.

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Detailed information about Premium Pack of 100 + 50 Fun Colorful Stickers

The stickers are also sun-proof and waterproof so if you put them on a skateboard or something else that goes outdoors you can be sure your stickers will be safe.

The stickers are made of PVC material and range in size from 5cm – 15 cm. Some of the designs included in the premium pack are logos for superheroes, such as Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man and more. There are also logo stickers for brands like Pepsi, Converse and Legos as well as sports team logos like Manchester United, Chicago Bulls and MLB. Other stickers include fun designs like a brain bomb, skeleton hand and moustache. No matter what type of sticker you prefer there’s going to be something in there that catches your eye. And no matter what you want to put your stickers on, they’ll all look fantastic wherever they go!