Gifts for 1 Year Old

Children are the greatest gifts in life! Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or proud aunt or uncle, you understand the value and joy that children add to life. Is someone getting ready to celebrate turning 1? That is a big moment both for the child and for his or her parents. It’s time to celebrate! Are you not sure what the right gift is to get for a 1-year-old? Don’t worry! Our gift guide is filled with gifts that are all perfect (and most importantly, safe) for a 1-year-old. One year old can be a bit of a tricky age, especially when it comes to shopping for a gift (okay, maybe it is a little easier gift shopping than raising the one-year-old), but we still understand the stress of trying to find the perfect gift! Rest easy, we have got you covered. Check out our gifts for a 1-year-old list and see what you find.

10 Things to Consider When Buying Gifts for a One-Year-Old

1. Safety first

This is the most important thing to keep in mind when buying a gift for a one-year-old. Make sure it is safe! Not only do you want to be sure it is appropriate for a one-year-old, but make sure it doesn’t have small parts that could easily become a choking hazard.

The last thing you’d want to do is put the birthday boy or girl in any danger. If in doubt, consult with their parents first!

2. Look local

Depending on where the family lives, there is likely a local play place that any one year old would love to go to and explore! If the parents already have a ton of toys and are short on space, this is a great gift idea that both parents and children will absolutely love. As always, make sure the place is designed for children as young as one.

3. Clothes are tricky

While clothing is always a gift option, keep in mind that one-year-olds are growing very quickly. What fits them today may not fit them just a few weeks from now!

Most parents would agree that spending a lot of money on clothes at this age is not practical, but you could always get a cute fun outfit for the birthday girl or boy if there is a special occasion coming up, such as Easter or Christmas.

Most children only wear those outfits once anyways, so that makes for a great gift idea!

4. Encourage learning

One-year-olds are learning and growing and developing very quickly, even if it does not appear that way. Help them to grow and learn by getting them a toy that specifically focuses on development.

These toys are just as fun, but they are designed to help teach children crucial skills. His or her parents will certainly appreciate this gift as well!

5. Give the gift of bonding

Parents are always looking for opportunities to bond with their children. Consider giving the one-year-old a set of books as a present- they cannot read yet, but their parents can read to them! This gives parents a great opportunity to spend time with the child and really bond. And best of all, kids love being read to! This is a gift that is perfect for the entire family.

6. You can’t go wrong with cute and fluffy

When in doubt, a cute fluffy stuffed animal always makes for an excellent gift for a 1-year-old. Who can resist a soft, cuddly animal?? No one! Perfect to hold onto during long car rides, or to play with at home, stuffed animals are always a great gift idea for children of any age.

7. Get on your feet

One-year-olds are at that age where they want to start walking. Depending on the child they may already be walking, or they could be just about to walk. Either way, they are sure to still be unsteady on their feet. A great one-year-old gift idea is a walker that they can hold onto and push. This helps encourage them to walk but also keeps them safe and prevents them from stumbling and falling over!

8. Shy away from technology

The technology debate with children is messy. Ultimately, it is up to the one-year-old’s parents how much they use technology such as an iPhone or iPad. Rather than get involved, stay away from technology and get them something totally neutral.

9. Check before getting a toy with noise

One-year-olds love toys that make noise. However, for the sanity of his or her parents, it is best to check with them first to see if they want a toy with noise at the house. Many parents today work remotely, so they may not want loud toys that could interrupt conference calls during work hours. If you do go with a noise-making toy, keep in mind the parents are likely to remember that when you go to have kids!

10. Bath time is the best time of day

Finally, consider getting some fun bath toys as a gift. One-year-olds love bath time! For the child, bath time isn’t about getting clean but is about having fun. Get some safe water toys or a fun bubble bath or bath salts to make bath time even more fun. As always, make sure if you get any sort of soap or bath salt product that it is safe for one-year-olds. If the child has sensitive skin, we recommend staying away from bath products. Instead, go with fun bath toys. Rubber ducky for the win!

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Tips to Finding a Gift for 1 Year Old that Moms will Appreciate

If you are shopping for a gift for a 1-year old let’s be honest, the gift is really for the mother! It might be a cute outfit, but who will be responsible for dressing baby up? Mom! Even if you find the best possible gift, the truth is that a 1-year-old probably won’t remember your perfect gift. But who will? You guessed it- mom!

When shopping for a gift for a 1-year-old, feel free to get excited looking at all the cute outfits, toys, and accessories, but don’t forget about mom. Thankfully, there are plenty of perfect gifts that moms will appreciate that you can get for the baby. If you are a mom, you understand how awesome it is getting the gifts that you need and will use. If you aren’t a mom, trust us, if you ever have kids one day you will realize it as well!

Being a mom, especially a new mom is one of the most exciting times in life, but it is also one of the busiest, most exhausting times. If you are invited to a birthday party for a 1-year-old or are just looking for a sweet gift to surprise a 1-year-old baby with, keep these tips in mind to help you find something that will make both baby and mom happy!

1. Gift an All-In-One Baby Monitor

If you are looking to splurge, a great gift idea for a 1-year-old is an upgraded baby monitor! If you know the new mom is trying to train the baby to sleep in his or her room, this is a must-have item to give her peace of mind. Best of all, if you get an all-in-one monitor it will come with all sorts of other really cool features, such as two-way talk, the ability to play lullabies, a nightlight, and more.

Baby monitors have come such a long way and are now seriously high tech and give you a clear picture (and audio) of what is going on in the baby’s room. Trust us, any mom would absolutely appreciate this gift and put it to great use each and every day. Plus, elements like the lullabies and nightlight will make it a gift that baby will love as well!

2. Memory Books are Priceless

You might think you’ll remember all those precious moments with your baby, but the truth is, you might not! It isn’t a lack of love, but more just the actual reality of being a busy mom! For that reason, a great gift is to get an updated memory or baby book that mom can use to record all sorts of memories - from big milestones like first steps and first words to silly anecdotes, she will absolutely love looking back on years from now.

Best of all, by keeping it in a dedicated book this gives her a priceless keepsake that she will treasure forever- and can one day pass down to baby when he or she is all grown up and maybe thinking about having his or her own kids! With her new busy schedule buying items like this are probably towards the bottom of her to-do list, so it makes for an excellent gift to surprise her with!

3. Help Document the Memories

Yes, we are talking about pictures, they are some of the best memories to have to look back on years from now! A great gift idea that mom can share with her baby is either offering to take pictures of them for the baby’s first birthday or booking a photoshoot with a photographer to help capture the moment. Sometimes the best gifts aren’t tangible items, but instead, are priceless memories that will last a lifetime!

Mom will definitely enjoy picking out the perfect outfit for the big photoshoot, and then best of all she will have the photos themselves to look back on and remember the fun she had with her baby turning 1! Involve the rest of her family as well for some truly priceless memories that they will value forever.

4. Sometimes, Practical is Best

It may not feel super exciting to give a gift of diapers, bottles, or food, but in all honesty, it makes for the perfect gift! Busy moms are just that, busy, and the items that they absolutely need every day are those basic necessities like diapers and food. There will be plenty of opportunities to get more exciting fun gifts, but when it comes to dealing with a new mom and a 1-year-old, it is really true that practical is best.

Knowing that she doesn’t have to go out to the store to get more diapers can be such a relief- maybe as a result she’ll find a few spare moments to spend on herself! The side effects of your practical gift may be best of all, and we guarantee she will appreciate these necessary items.

5. Consider a Subscription Box

There really are subscription boxes for everything, and that includes items for babies and parents! This is a great 1-year-old gift idea that can make even more basic items a bit more fun. Who doesn’t enjoy getting a surprise box of goodies each month? Best of all, you can decide what type of subscription service you would like to gift. From clothing to food items, to educational toys, to gifts specifically for parents, you can go in just about any direction.

This is a great way to gift some excellent items to baby and mom without having to actually make any decisions on what to get! If you are indecisive or out of ideas, a subscription service may be just the way to go. The boxes are curated by teams that are dedicated to providing the best items, so you know you will be gifting things that mom and baby will love and put to good use.

6. Safety First

Finally, of all the things that a mom will appreciate the most, it is that her child is safe. No matter what gift you decide to get- whether it is more fun or more practical - make sure most importantly that it is safe! Be wary when it comes to used items, and make sure any toys or games don’t have small pieces that a 1-year-old could choke on.

New moms have enough to worry about on a daily basis, don’t add to her stress by accident by gifting something that she has to closely monitor or keep away from baby! Make sure the gift is either exclusively for mom or something that is designed to be used with a 1-year-old. That way, you know everyone will be happy and safe!

Wrapping Up

If you are shopping for a gift for a 1-year-old, you have got to also consider his or her mother as well. She is the one that is essentially receiving the gift, so make sure you get something that she will appreciate and put to good use! We hope these tips have helped you get in the right mindset as you start shopping for the perfect one-year-old gift.

What would you appreciate most (or did you appreciate most) as a busy mom with a 1-year-old? Let us know, and happy shopping!